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Public organization
"Central Anticorruption Committee"

On сommittee

Public organization «Central Anti-Corruption Committee» is a voluntary, independent, self-governing organization uniting on a voluntary basis and based on common interests of the individuals who share the goals and objectives of the organization.

The organization shall be guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine «On Associations of Citizens» and other laws of Ukraine.

The Organization shall act on the principles of:

  • free will
  • collectivism
  • equality of its members
  • self-government
  • openness
  • legality
  • publicity
  • The Organization shall be free in the choice of directions of its activity.

The Organization shall cooperate with state bodies, local governments, law enforcement agencies, associations of citizens, parties and public organizations, as well as international organizations, institutions and agencies of foreign countries that contribute to its activity and development.

The aim of the Organization’s activity shall be to assist law enforcement agencies, state and local governments in the fight against corruption and organized crime, as well as the satisfaction and protection of legitimate social, economic, creative and other common interests of its members.

The tasks of the Organization shall be:

  • assistance of the law enforcement authorities, state authorities and local governments in the fight against corruption and organized crime in Ukraine;
  • assistance in the protection of citizens against illegal encroachments
  • protection of their rights
  • freedoms and legal interests;
  • assistance in the increase of respect for law and order in the society;
  • analysis of the current legislation of Ukraine on the issues of fight against corruption and organized crime
  • assistance in formation of a democratic lawful state;
  • protection of legal rights and interests of the members of the Organization
  • exchange of professional experience between the members of the Organization;
  • promotion of partnership and cooperation between law enforcement authorities
  • other state authorities, entities and individuals
  • aimed at the assistance in the fight against corruption and organized crime:
  • enhancing the role and authority of the law enforcement authorities in Ukraine
  • participation in the coordination and guidance of work on increasing the level of
  • legal education of the population aimed at fighting corruption and organized
  • crime;
  • promotion of information on the matters of information security, coordination of efforts of the members on the joint activities with law enforcement agencies\field of information security and implementation of relevant activities:
  • cooperation with institutions and organizations the purpose of which is to fight corruption and organized crime
  • promoting the prestige of the profession of law enforcement, the creation of appropriate conditions for active professional and social activities of law enforcement officers:
  • introduction of proposals arising from the activities of the Organization to the state and government authorities.

To perform the tasks in the established order the Organization shall be entitled to:

  • take part in civil law relations, acquire property and non-property rights
  • represent and defend its legal interests and legal interests of its members (participants) in state and public bodies
  • apply to the court for protection of rights, freedoms and interests of its members
  • participate in political activities, hold public events (meetings, demonstrations etc.)
  • ideologically, organizationally and financially support other associations in their creation, provide help in their creation
  • carry out necessary economic and other commercial activities by creating self-sustained institutions and organizations with the legal status, establish the enterprises under the established legislation of Ukraine
  • create and participate in the activities of charity funds
  • conclude agreements on its behalf, contracts with state, municipal, private and other enterprises, organizations and citizens of Ukraine and other countries
  • rent and lease premises, houses, buildings, vehicles, other movable and immovable property
  • independently spend money credited to their bank accounts, dispose of property
  • receive from state and government authorities and local government information necessary for realization of its goals and objectives
  • in accordance with the applicable legislation of Ukraine, receive from the state and government authorities and local governments, enterprises and organizations (institutions), regardless of ownership, information necessary to achieve the statutory goals and objectives
  • promote public examination of draft laws, decisions, programs and present their findings and proposals to relevant public authorities to account
  • during the reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other components of the military organization and law enforcement agencies of the state
  • participate in public discussions and open parliamentary hearings on the issues of activity and reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other parts of the military and law enforcement agencies, issues of legal and social protection of servicemen, members of their families
  • in accordance with the applicable legislation of Ukraine, send its observers for the election of people’s deputies of Ukraine
  • introduce the proposals to the state and government authorities
  • promote the information and its ideas and aims
  • establish the mass media.