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Prison №1

Recently, the program sign hail! on the channel TVi released documentary “prison number 1” Konstantin Usov, which first shows the real life of the prisoners of the infamous Kiev jail №13, better known as the Lukyanovskaya prison.
The eyeliner to her story, the author noted: “Since it is the Kiev prison holds in the information space of the first place in the number of atrocities messages, torture, inhuman conditions of detention and the strange deaths in prison cells, because that’s where the power of Yanukovych send their enemies, six months ago, we We have set a goal – to find a way to show people the real Lukyanovka present, not the one that show the chosen media. ”
For this TVi journalists have managed to build their own “intelligence network” inside the prison. In order to get through the shortest possible time to have their people in each building, each floor of the prison. “Each of the agents we passed the mobile phones equipped with cameras and bit by bit, for 10-15 seconds, for six months -. Prisoners sent us pieces of his life,” – said Usov.
Brutal survival rules and unwritten laws of coexistence, the real stories of prisoners and prison guards – all in a 40-minute film Konstantin Usov of the special investigation series “Prison Number One.”