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The journalist Vadim Komarov, who was attacked in Cherkassy, ​​died. More than a month he was in a coma


Cherkasy journalist and blogger Vadim Komarov, after being beaten in Cherkassy, ​​spent more than a month in a coma, died.

The chairman of the National Union of Journalists Sergey Tomilenko announced this on his Facebook page. He expressed confidence that the attack on Komarov was associated with his professional activities.

“The only version of the assassination attempt, and now the murder, which is shared by Cherkasy journalists is precisely the professional activity of Vadim Komarov. It was inconvenient

for many local politicians. He raised uncomfortable questions about corruption in Cherkasy, violated resonant themes,” wrote Tomilenko.

An unknown assailant committed a journalist on 4 May. Komarov immediately operated on, after which he was in a coma.

Attempted murder: police are investigating an attack on a journalist in Cherkasy

The police began to open criminal proceedings under the article on “intentional grievous bodily harm”, but then reclassified to “attempt on premeditated murder”.

After the news of the death of the journalist, the head of the National Police, Sergey Knyazev, said that the case was retrained again: now she is being investigated under the article on premeditated murder.

He added that in the near future, law enforcement officers are planning to turn to journalists for help in identifying the identity of the criminal.

“In the near future we will turn to the journalistic community for help: we will provide photographs of people involved in this offense – so that we can identify the perpetrators sooner,” the head of the National Police said.

As reported by the police, around 9:00 am on May 4, an “unidentified person with a view to killing” struck Komarov several times with a hard object in the head area behind.

Cherkasy edition of “Bell” wrote that the money and mobile phone remained with the victim.

“I bought a bouquet of roses and went home”

Already in June, Alexander Zaporozhets, deputy head of the Investigation Department of the GUNP in the Cherkassy region, reported that the police were considering three main versions of the attack.

“This is the version of the attack with mercenary motives, the version of a sudden conflict with the attacker and the version associated with the professional activities of Komarov,” he said.

According to Zaporozhets, about 1,320 people were surveyed and numerous videos from surveillance cameras were reviewed – however, they did not record the moment of the attack itself.

He said that on the morning of the attack, Vadim Komarov bought a bouquet of roses at the Central Market of the city and went home.

Alexander Zaporozhets refused to disclose other details of the case, citing the secret of the investigation.

Vadim Komarov wrote articles in several Cherkassian publications that covered the themes of corruption and organized crime.

Cherkasy media reported that the journalist had previously been the victim of attacks.

In July 2017, Vadim Komarov accused one of the employees of construction companies in the attack, the Cherkasy edition of Wicca reported.

In September 2016, the journalist reported that he was shot from a firearm, wrote the publication Dash.

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