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55 times were attacked by Ukrainian journalists during the year: Kiev and Odessa lead

In Ukraine, over the 9 months of 2019, 55 cases of physical aggression against journalists were recorded. In the third quarter of the year, press representatives were most often attacked in Kiev and Odessa.

This was announced by the head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Sergey Tomilenko with reference to monitoring data “Physical Security Index of Journalists of Ukraine”, the correspondent of the Ukrainian Information Service reports.

During July, August and September in Ukraine 19 attacks were carried out on journalists, 36 such offenses were recorded in the first half of the year. In the third quarter of 2019, most often, force was used against media workers in Kiev and Odessa (6 and 4 cases, respectively). In just 9 months, 55 incidents of physical aggression against Ukrainian journalists were recorded.

One of the most daring and resonant attacks occurred at the end of July in the metropolitan press center of IA Ukrinform. As a result, five news agency employees sought medical help. During the pre-election press conference, with the participation of candidates for deputies, young people in T-shirts with the inscription “Tradition and Order” burst into the hall. They knocked out the front door, pulled out 5 microphones, broke the blinds, stained the walls and furniture. After that they attacked the employees of the agency, as well as doused with water and threw eggs at one of the candidates.

As for Odessa, on September 30, one of the heroes of the plot attacked the operator of Channel 7, Andrei Kulbu. The incident occurred when a film crew came to a private house to shoot a story about a domestic conflict that erupted between spouses. The father of the family sprayed gas from the spray can to the operator in the face. The victim was taken to the burn section of a local hospital: Kulba received burns on both forearms, as well as on his neck, face and eyes.

In addition, 2 attacks were carried out on Duma TV journalists: on August 8, an unknown man attacked a film crew during a live broadcast at the Lotomarket game club, and on September 4, security guards of the Odessa Traditions residential complex did not let the film crew into the ZhK using force.

Another incident on September 4 occurred at City Hall: employees of the “Municipal Guard” did not let the crew of Channel 7 into the building of the City Council. One of the municipalities hit the telephone of journalist Elena Ionova.

Information taken from: https://usionline.com/2019/10/21/za-god-na-ukrainskih-zhurnalistov-napadali-55-raz-lidiruet-kiev-i-odessa/