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After Maidan “Centrenergo” bought gas with a double overpayment to Onishchenko, who vidkatuvav Kononenko 20%

Fugitive MP Oleksandr Onishchenko said that I was paying Igor Kononenko and 2000 UAH per thousand cubic meters of gas supplied to state-owned enterprises. This was reported by “Kyivpost” citing the words of the fugitive.

The publication reports that Onishchenko showed reporters smartforms correspondence with Kononenko in respect of the supply of gas to “Central power supply”. Text of correspondence published by people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko on the air “Shuster LIVE”:

Alexander Onishchenko is now hiding in London. He is a suspect in the case of embezzlement in the system of the company. Including in the case referred to the firm “gas transportation”, which in 2015 was selected as the supplier of gas for “Central power supply” without open bidding. At that time, the business partner of the President Igor Konenko has become the people’s Deputy from “Blok Petro Poroshenko”.

As reported by “Our money”, “Central power supply” in March 2015 has signed an agreement with “gas transportation” in the amount of 194,63 million. It was ordered 19 million cubic meters of gas at 10 244 UAH. per thousand cubic meters for delivery in the course of the year. This is almost twice the marginal price of gas for industry, installed NKREKP on the summer of 2015 – 6 600 UAH.

Although the text quoted above correspondence it follows that the gas supplied is even more expensive – 14 260 UAH per thousand cubic meters.

Therefore, the following Onishchenko 2000 UAH account for about 20% of the purchase price “Central power supply”.

The founder and Director of “gas transportation” was Yuri Smaglyuk. According to NABU, Onishchenko drew him to criminal activities.

“Smagluk YM was supposed to play the role of the actual Director of a business entity, created in order to cover up the illegal activities and become the formal winner of the auction for the sale of natural gas produced under contracts on joint activity, and using the powers of his office the head of the company, to pursue further the implementation of natural gas to Ukrainian industrial consumers at market prices”, – stated in the petition for the arrest Onishchenko, signed by the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Holodnenkim.

It was reported that firms Onishchenko bought gas for bogus auctions for 2400 UAH per thousand cubic meters, and then pereprodavali at market price 6 900 UAH.

According to “LigaBusinessInform”, the firm “gas transportation” also dealt with the Odessa port plant. Was published the draft agreement between the company and AES on the supply of gas to the state plant under a tolling arrangement. It suggests that in the second half of 2015, almost all of the work of the SCR should be conducted on the gas “Gastransport”, and that the firm should belong to all received from that gas products – ammonia and urea.

According to “League”, “gas transportation” the accounts were kept in “Diamantbank” David Zhvaniya. Business partner Zhvania Sergey Pereloma last year became the Deputy Chairman of “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, and this year headed the Supervisory Board of the Odessa port plant. After that, the media and a draft agreement of the HMO and “Gastransport”. Against Fractures were prosecuted.

In March 2016 “gas transportation” initiated a case on bankruptcy. The firm rewrote the Andrew Rossikhina with uncontrolled Ukraine Gorlovka.

The information was taken from: nashigroshi.org/2016/12/10/pislya-majdanu-tsentrenerho-kupuvalo-haz-z-podvijnoyu-pereplatoyu-u-onyschenka-yakyj-vidkatuvav-kononenku-20/