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After receiving asylum in Austria, Igor Guzhvu wants to take into custody in Ukraine

The authorities seem to have defined themselves as “responding” to the Austrian decision to grant asylum to the editor-in-chief of “The Country”, Igor T. Guzhva.

The Shevchenko district court of Kiev received a petition from the prosecutor’s office to change the preventive measure to Igor Guzhva.

Prosecutors demanded to take the editor-in-chief of the “Country” into custody in a fabricated case of extortion.

About this “Country” said the lawyer, the chief editor of “Countries” Andrei Smirnov.

“Yesterday they called from Kiev’s Shevchenko court,” Andrei Smirnov told us. “They said they intended to consider the petition of the prosecutor’s office to change the measure of restraint to Igor Guzhva from bail to custody. The meeting was scheduled for October 3. No petition was given to anyone. Guzhva. I was the only one to find out the date of the court hearing. The second defender didn’t bother. Igor Guzhva, for all the evidence of finding him abroad, wasn’t called in a proper way (in order to summon people abroad). Ikov will not be in Kiev on October 3 due to employment in other lawsuits, which the court promptly notified me with by e-mail. I asked the court to agree on any date convenient for everyone considering the familiarization with the petition itself. I received a reply about the non-recognition of my email. I sent them again, but not to recognize the court. In what language should I speak with them? Taking this opportunity, I inform the Center for Free Legal Assistance about the absence of the need for free attorneys. We can handle it ourselves. But in accordance with the requirement of law and procedures. ”

Igor Guzhva himself also commented on the situation.

“Many people here thought and wondered how the Ukrainian authorities would respond to Austria’s decision to grant me asylum,” Igor Guzhva wrote on his Facebook page. “Some thought that they would send, for example, the Austrian ambassador or send a note of protest on behalf of the Foreign Ministry. But They decided to answer Bankova in their elegant style. The prosecutor’s office sent to the Shevchenko district court of Kiev an application for … taking me into custody on a fabricated case of extortion. They want to consider it today. In a hurry, apparently, with an “otvetkoy”. Well, in fact it is e reaffirms the validity of the Austrian decision to grant me asylum Ukrainian authorities make it clear that they intend to throw me in prison on politically motivated charges, however, after the shelter all these efforts -.. only attacks impotent rage. ”

“An attempt to initiate the arrest of Igor Guzhva is an action of the Ukrainian authorities, unprecedented in its stupidity. Besides the shame of disrespect for European laws, this action will not lead to any consequences at all. Igor Guzhva is already under the protection of European justice. Any next move is a statement of impotence and agony “Lawyer Andrei Portnov commented on the situation to the Country.

In the summer of 2017, Igor Guzhva was taken into custody on a fabricated extortion case. Later he was released after making a deposit.

In January, the head of the “Country” was able to go to Austria – he ended the preventive measure.

In view of political pressure and constant threats, Igor Guzhva sought political asylum in Vienna and received it on October 1. Thus, the authorities of a European country confirmed that the prosecution of Igor Guzhva is not criminal, as claimed in Kiev, but a political pressure on the publication and its leader.

Interestingly, asylum in Austria was granted immediately after we disclosed the “Pushkin agent” – the SBU operative who recruited Vyacheslav Seleznev, the photographer of the “Country”, with blackmail and threats.

Information taken from: https://strana.ua/news/164184-hlavreda-strany-ihorja-huzhvu-reshili-vzjat-pod-strazhu-v-ukraine.html