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Amnesty International demands Ukrainian authorities to find those guilty of beating up activists

At the same time, the organization stresses that the Ukrainian authorities have not been able to investigate numerous human rights violations over the entire period.
Amnesty International is demanding that the current Ukrainian authorities find those guilty of beating activists and punish them.

This is stated in the report of the organization.

In addition, the AI ​​calls for bringing to justice those responsible for other human rights violations – attacks on journalists, abuses of free speech and the killing of activists.

At the same time, the organization stresses that the Ukrainian government has not been able to prevent or investigate for the entire period the numerous human rights violations committed in 2018, which is why an atmosphere of impunity in society is being created.

Amnesty International adds that the pressure on freedom of speech, numerous violations of human rights is observed in the annexed Crimea by Russia, in particular, to peaceful assemblies.

Recall, February 9, the activists went to the rally of the presidential candidate and tried to hold the Кто Who ordered Katya Gandzyuk? ’Campaign, since one of the defendants is the representative of“ Batkivschyna ”.

The police prevented the protest action by detaining the activists first and then brutally beating and selecting personal belongings.

Information taken from: http://ua1.com.ua/society/amnesty-international-vimagae-vid-ukrajinskoji-vladi-znayti-vinnih-u-pobitti-aktivistiv-51845.html