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Attacks on journalists in Ukraine occur in an atmosphere of impunity, – Miyatovich

The atmosphere of impunity in Ukraine contributes to attacks on journalists, in particular, those who talk about the combination of corruption, politics and crime.
Council of Europe Commissioner Dunya Miyatovic said this, commenting on the murder of Cherkasy journalist Vadim Komarov, Tsenzor reports. NOT referring to Gromadska.

“I am in deep sorrow because of the murder of investigative journalist Vadim Komarov as a result of severe head injuries he received in May after an attack by unknown persons,” she said.

Miyatovic noted that in Ukraine investigations into the murders of journalists are too often ineffective.

“This has contributed to creating an atmosphere of impunity that paved the way for further attacks on journalists, especially those trying to isolate dark corners in which corruption, crime and politics intersect. Therefore, I urge the Ukrainian authorities to better understand and punish the hired killers the motive of those who could order the attack, “- said in a statement.

Information taken from: https://censor.net.ua/n3133440