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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

Because of the “black registrars” property passed to the security forces of the SBU, the prosecutor’s office and the police

On May 6, “Our Money” published material “Virtual Recorder for Real Scams”. It told how, according to documents, homeless Svetlana Yanchuk, who learned to be the registrar of the municipal registration enterprise “Real Estate and Business Registration” and made illegal registration actions in relation to a number of assets: lands of the Ministry of Defense, property of private firms worth up to 100 million UAH, garages in various Kiev districts.

Now the case was continued in the court register. There appeared a decision of May 30, 2019, by which the court, at the request of the prosecutor Svyatoslav Mazurik, arrested 102 objects of real estate in respect of which registration actions were performed with the Yanchuk key. This property is recognized as evidence in criminal proceedings.

The prosecutor asked the court to arrest this property, since “the objects … on the property right belong to the new owners on the basis of illegal actions committed by fraud, that is, acquired by the new owners as a result of a criminal offense.”

Since the decree contains the registration numbers of the objects, through these numbers Our Money managed to establish what kind of property it is and who owns it. We were very surprised when we saw the list of employees of the SBU, the prosecutor’s office, the police, other government agencies or local governments and their relatives, which are listed below.

Petro Koval, father of the deputy prosecutor of the region of the Military Prosecutor’s Office of the Central Region of Ukraine Igor Koval, has a land plot in Kiev on ul. Solomii Krushelnytska. In the same house, next to Koval, the garage was designed by Konstantin Proskurko, whom Google’s cache finds as an official of the Department for Economic Support of the Road Transport Service of the Security Service of Ukraine. Another garage in this house was designed by Roman Nosenko, also an employee of the Earth remote sensing satellite security service.

Land in with. The birth of the Brovarsky district of the Kiev region is registered with Ekaterina Nevzorova, the wife of the former prosecutor of the Kiev region prosecutor Alexei Nevzorov.

Garage boxing in Kiev on the territory of the Sputnik cooperative registered for Yuri Shevchenko. Until 2017, the man worked as deputy head of the internal security department of the National Police.

Alexander Pugach, who in 2017 filed a declaration of a serviceman of the State Guard Department, designed a garage box in the Rosa capital cooperative. In the same co-operative, Bobdan Slyusarenko, a deputy of the Irpen city council, and Ivan Lizun, a member of the Public Council of Kotsyubinsky, have boxed the box.

Garage boxing, also in the “Rose”, registered on Gennady Filonenko. A man with such a name appears in the declaration of Olga Filonenko, a university employee at the State Fiscal Service.

The garage on the capital’s street, General Potapov, is registered with Ruslan Khristich, who is registered at the same address as Aleksey Vyazmitin, inspector of the Patrol Police in Kiev. Also Khristich and Vyazmitin were registered by the co-founders of the NGO “Frontier”.

The building of the salon for the sale of cars and spare parts with production and warehouse space is recorded at LLC AIS Trans Auto. In the Unified Register of Legal Entities the company’s beneficiary is Maria Chatsiantona, however, the AIS group of companies is associated with the People’s Deputy of the Revival Party Dmitry Svyatash and the former People’s Deputy of the Party of Regions Vasily Polyakov. The Sandra-International company re-registered the salon-shop in Odessa through the PE “Sandra-International” business partner of the mother Svyatash Oleg Shablatovich, and through the Opus Plus LLC – the staff in the Kremenchug Poltava region and the service station in Zaporizhia.

Parking in Kiev on the Tithe Street is registered on Svetlana Dubovy. This is the wife of ex-People’s Deputy Oleksandr Dubovy, who had Sergei Kurchenko living to flee from Ukraine. An interesting nuance is the Estonian firm Dubovy, UAB EuroLegal Partners, transferred 1,200,000. UAH for real estate Oleg whisper, which until the end of 2018 worked as first deputy head of the Administration for Penitentiary System Development of the DKVS of the Ministry of Justice.

Non-residential premises and parking in Kiev in the same house on the Tithe Street are registered to the ex-deputy of the Kyiv City Council Irina Kosichenko.

The court also arrested 4 apartments and two non-residential premises on the capital’s street Andreevsky descent, 9B, the history of the transfer of ownership of which Our Money has already described. Farit Kachkurov participated in the change of the owner of this asset – a person who is involved in the raiding of the Bratsk Oil Press Plant and is listed as chairman of the commission for ending the Halsey company by the deputy head of the People’s Front Sergei Pashinsky. Daughter of Farit Kachkurov Anastasia Kachkurova internship at one of the departments of the Ministry of Justice, as recently reported data from the site Work.ua. After the publication of the NG news, the information from the site was lost, but we still had the file.

The list of owners of the remaining arrested assets, for which registration activities were conducted on behalf of the homeless Svetlana Yanchuk, can be found here. If you find out among them employees of the SBU, prosecutors, etc. – write to us.

Information taken from: http://nashigroshi.org/2019/07/10/cherez-chornykh-reiestratoriv-mayno-pereyshlo-do-sylovykiv-sbu-prokuratury-ta-politsii/