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Black humor in Ukrainian: instead of catching the friends of the terrorist Brain, Lugansk SBU carries out their orders

This story happened in the frontline Lisichansk: SBUshniki “sewed the case” to the director, who barely escaped alive from the hands of the militants, and lifted the mine. Because of the invented shortage of 2000 tons, people were sent to prison. Clearing the director’s place under the muzhik, who helped the Ghost gang in 2014 to blow up the Lisichan bridge and told RashaSMI about the “air strikes of the punishers”. And in the end, the friend of the Brain returned the mine back: into decay and decay.

Since when is the SBU engaged in economic affairs? – you ask. Separs from the SBU for the order of separators from the “Oppobloka” and not for this are capable. On the instructions of the People’s Deputy of Sergei Dunaev, a method was invented, from which mining specialists grab at their heads: to count the coal extracted according to the number of trolleys raised (no matter what is inside: coal or emptiness).
In court, the “Anatoly Zhilenko case” was expected to burst: it turned out that everything “stolen” on the spot. The surveyor under oath said about the forgery – the act on the arrears was signed by someone else’s hand. The intrigue remains one question: are not those representatives of the Lugansk regional SBU who surrendered the building to militants on April 6, 2014, blew this soap bubble?

1. How does the SBU execute the order of Dunaev and Perepelitsa
The fake business began about a year ago, when the office of the director of the mine “Privolnyanskaya” Anatoly Zhilenko, a veteran of the SBU of Lugansk announced, and offered monthly to provide help to comrades in uniform. The veteran was sent in three letters. And soon Zhilenko phoned the newly appointed director of the association Lisichanskugol Boris Perepelitsa with an interesting question: “Where do you put the stolen coal?”.

“Boris Perepelitsa came to Lisichanskugol in March and everywhere he began to arrange his people. He is from the Red Ray, before the war he worked according to the Royal schemes – there she owns concentrating factories, the state unit receives state subsidies from the state, but fills the pocket of the Royal, “says Anatoly Zhilenko, his former boss, who was recently released from prison.
April 13 last year to Zhilenko was a whole group of SBUshnikov, who moved from Lugansk to Severodonetsk – after they merged their hometown. “They showed the resolution for the search, seized the documents. And I tell them: “Maybe you should look in Pervomaisk. You will soon find the crime in “Pervomayskogle” (there before the transfer to “Lisichanskugol” worked Perepelitsa, and now works there). If there is an audit, there will be a crazy shortage. In general, it is quite easy to establish it from the measurements, “Zhilenko continues.

Soon he went to the hospital – a heart failed, and on May 28, an underground fire broke out on the “Privolnyanskaya”. The new leadership did not take necessary measures to combat the elements, then the mine was flooded and gradually cut into scrap metal … Workers say that the new-old director of Privolnyanskaya, Vladimir Molodyk, who was in command of the “LNR”, took up the job. It is at his command that the fighters of the Brain received 4 boxes of ammonite and 320 detonators, with the help of which they blew up the bridge in front of the advancing bounties and the APU. But the young man in 2014 – speaking on the channel “Russia 24”:

That shelling of the mine was a contract, and this nit knows it well. They bombarded “their own”, lay down exactly along the old, unnecessary buildings and the mine yard, the spotter was at the mine. The woman died accidentally – ran out into the yard with a fright. In the morning, Russian media immediately appeared, “witnesses”, etc. The bombardment made it possible to wash off and write something down, “one of the mine workers recalled specially for ORD.

While at the “Privolnianskaya” the director was being run by Molodych, Zhilenko was transferred to the mine by him. Kapustina (one of the four mines of the same “Lisichanskuglya”). And SBUshniki continued to dig the ground on the case of the thefts brought in ERDR in February 2016, although the crimes of this category are attributed to the police investigation.

“Unleashing Zhilenko, SBU of the Lugansk region has made a fake surveyor’s certificate of coal shortage. The girl who allegedly signed it, was at the time at the session. The investigators pressed her, but did not succumb. The second action was the removal of the notebook of the teller of the trolleys (such, you know, freight trailers that go back and forth, sometimes climbing with tools or garbage). Accounting for coal in the warehouse coincided to a kilogram, taking into account the mine’s accounting department and reports submitted to the DFS. But the SBU incriminated the disgraced director of art.191 part 5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, “- commented Zhilenko’s lawyer – Igor Chudovsky.

In calculating the amount of coal mined in the trolleys, SBUshniki applied the know-how: considering that a ton of coal had left each side of the mine. See the video – where Chudovsky explains how amateur “surveyors” from the SBU “proved” the non-existent theft of 2000 tons of coal (video “ORD):

The People’s Deputy Sergei Dunaev, a representative of the same political force who calls the military conflict in the Donbass just the civil war and advocates a full amnesty for the terrorists, was lobbying for a counterfeit case. He bombed the institution with deputy requests, and, referring to Groisman, referred to the opinion of veterans (participants in the “referendum” and the breadwinners of the Mozgovoy militia), called for a social explosion to be prevented, for which it is more likely to stop plundering at the Privolnyanskaya mine. As a thief number 1 veterans of separatism saw Zhilenko, who fled to Lugansk after his “home town of Zhdanovka (Donetsk region) was” DNR “.

“Before Yanukovych, I was the first deputy general director of Krasnoarmeyskugol, and with him I was left without work, because I did not want to steal according to schemes,” Zhilenko said. – Since April 2014, when the madness of St. George ribbons began, he publicly spoke against. And on August 16, 25 brigade of APU came to us, and I became, as they say now, a volunteer. Then he helped our military to leave the Ilovaisky encirclement. And in the twentieth of September in Zhdanovka “DNR” returned, and my wife and I were arrested, on October 8 we managed to escape. I do not like those Lisichans who support Oppoblok. Before me and at the mine to them. Kapustin, and on “Privolnyanskaya” Dunaev people worked. Such as the Young. They appointed me under the old minister. Had to speed up many Dunayevites, and at once the matter at the mine began to swing. The cost price of coal mining at the “Privolnyanskaya” before my arrival was 15,000 thousand UAH. Per tonne (!!!). And with me it fell to 3500, and then to 2800 UAH. Per ton. ”

In December, Zhilenko was imprisoned. “The investigator, issuing the decision on taking into custody, said that Lisichansk is on the border with Russia (look at the map – where the border), and Zhilenko can escape there. I did not take into account the serious heart disease, which had never been tried by Zhilenko, but also intimidated witnesses, “says the lawyer.

The workers were sent to the prison “brake” for the director. And he himself at every meeting said that the prosecutor does not understand the essence of the subject. It is worth connecting surveyors, and it becomes clear that there is no shortage. About the prison, Anatoly Zhilenko recalls reluctantly: “You can only rely on yourself, to help the core there is nothing to survive – you must have perseverance, otherwise they will drive you to the bench and nobody will remember.”

Zhilenko and his lawyer Chudovsky (incidentally, the same refugee, but from Lugansk, in 2014 he was kidnapped and heavily wounded by supporters of the “Lugansk republic”) are sure that this criminal case is a clean order. The customers are the ex-director general of Lisichanskugol Boris Perepelitsa, who now heads the association Pervomayskugol (which is in an even more critical position than Lisichanskugol) and People’s Deputy of Ukraine Sergei Dunaev.

In the photo – Boris Perepelitsa, who changes jobs every couple of months
Given the current state of emergency in the energy sector, readers will be useful to know that the coal “Privolnyanskaya” refers to the so-called “gas group”. Lisichansk is a step away from the catastrophe due to the blockade of L-DNR. It is heated by TPP in the city of Happiness, which takes anthracite coal from uncontrolled territory. But – whether it is heated with anthracite, or with “gas charcoal” – this depends on the kind of sight with which the particular TPP was built. That is, if you want, you can remake, and if you do not steal, then there will be funds for rework. For example, one of the units of Zmievskaya TPP (Kharkov region) was transferred from anthracite to the so-called ” “Gas group”.

“It’s like a car – it can work on diesel fuel, or it can be gasoline,” Zhilenko explains. – All anthracite TPPs can be converted to work under the coals of G and D, DN or DGR 0200. Coal “Privolnyanskaya” went to Uglegorskaya TPP (controlled by Ukraine) through the concentrator. When I was appointed, mine mined 20-30 tons per day, but for a year it increased production to 100 tons. For 2015 we made the annual task of the Ministry of Coal Industry, and the salary of miners was 15-18 thousand UAH. Because the prey is kept in a grandfather’s way, and this is hard manual labor. At the mine Kapustina, I again fulfilled the plan, and still expect to return there. But stealing is now merciless. The shortage was more than 300 tons (less is in the warehouse than it is extracted), and another man, Sergei Dunayev, who is already being hired for stealing, acts as director at Kapustin’s mine. ”

All of Dunaev’s fears of a social explosion came true after Dunayev was heard. At that time, when the SBU took over the Privolnyanskaya mine, it increased its production and ranked second in the pool (of four mines). And after the Zhilenko squeezed from the mine – it was on the verge of closure. Although theoretically it could heat the controlled territory.

On the photo – Anatoly Zhilenko, the gentleman of three orders “Miner’s Glory”, who spent three months in Starobelsky SIZO

2. Mafia Dunaeva devoured “Lisichanskugol” and does on this black PR
Lisichans say that “Lisichanskugol”, although it is considered gos.obedineniem, it is more correct to call it “PE Dunayev.” Actually – like the whole city of Lisichansk, in which the 25-year era of the mafia rule does not end.

On the photo – Sergey Dunaev
And at the same time Lisichanskugol is one of the last enterprises in the region that has not yet been completely destroyed. Sergei Dunaev, his relative Yuri Boyko, and the partner of the family, Yuri Joffe, joined the association long before the war, securing wealth and political status. The manual “Lisichanskuglya” does not recognize the total control of these parasites (which is understandable: all top managers are somehow dependent on the mafia), but do not hide that the situation – it does not happen worse. There is a debt on wages of 80 million hryvnia. In the best lava mine-flagship them. Melnikov, under which they took a huge loan, there was a fire. In the association “Pervomayskugol” the situation is even worse. “Oppoblokery” anticipates a lot of money, which the state promises to re-equip “Lisichanskugsklya” and “Pervomaiskuglja” (we can talk about the amount of 1-2 billion UAH), but will they reach the final recipient?

Here is what one of the representatives of Lisichanskugol wrote to us about what is happening in the association: “A marvelous story: leapfrog with appointments in the association coincides with the appearance on the basis of something that can be stolen. Once upon the “Privolnianka” lava was cooked, so fat, coal-bearing, the director was Boyarsky. When suddenly they take it off and put the quail. He, in turn, removes the overload, and changes the guard. Lava eat – The quail disappears! When Perepelitsa – the general director of Lisichanskuglya – lights up Privolnyanka and shows the theft of which Zhilenko goes to prison, and instead of him a young man’s appointment is appointed, which says: “We all walk under Dunaev” (the mine is considered killed, but Molodyk In order: a two-story house, renovation, each member of the family car and apartment, a network of pharmacies, and a house of servants from the mine workers). Perepelitsa signs an order to stop shipment of coal to the public: in other words, it clamps the coal, which the association must give to its pensioners for free. People paid for the delivery, the coal dissolved, and the Perepelitsa was again transferred to Pervomaiskugol, and the ends to the water. ”
Local security officials usually help people’s deputies solve financial and economic issues. But recently, during the cutting of the mine, the representatives of the firm, which is engaged in this, were detained. The “carvers” had permission from Yuri Lasikov, the current general director of Lisichanskugol, a man close to Dunayev and partners.

In addition to material benefits, “Oppobloku” and his friends in the “LNR”, on hand all that leads to destabilization. “The worse in Ukraine – the better for its enemies,” Anatoly Zhilenko, the victim, is sure of that.

The same opinion and the local blogger Ivan Polupanov, who follows every step of the Lisichan “nobility”: “About 5 thousand people work in Lisichanskugle. Imagine if he “banged” … what a social explosion would be. ”

September 30 last year, along with his pocket mayor-“ryg” Shilin Sergei Dunaev held another meeting with the coal miners, trying to kindle hatred for the “damned junta.” Here’s how it looked in the video blog Polupanova:

Who is this Dunayev – knows every dog ​​in Lisichansk. In the 90s he was known as one of the leaders of the Krasnyane OPG. The first money “earned” with the help of a bit, and then engaged in organizing thefts from the “Lissod”, which had long been destroyed with his direct participation. Bouncing with the “regionalist” Boyko, Dunayev in May 2009 became mayor, and in 2013 he got a similar patronage in BP.
Dunaev’s deputy has a peculiarity of destroying everything he touches. For one of 2012 in the city were cut three plants. The glass factory Mehsteklo and the Lisichan glass factory Proletary belong to the sphere of business interests of Sergei Dunayev, and both are plundered, because The goal is to snatch, not to develop. “Proletary” is in the stage of bankruptcy, as it accumulated debts for a total of 2.5 billion hryvnias, 1.4 billion of which – unreturned credit to the state “Ukreximbank”.
The impoverishment of the “smerds” is directly proportional to the enrichment of the “masters”. Appreciate the wonderful video about the third anniversary of Lisichansk with Mayor Sergei Dunayev (here not only about the murder of infrastructure, but also about people who are no longer …):

Razoriv city, the MP tells the BP about the air strikes in Lisichansk, extorting money to restore. Counted 50 million hryvnia of damage to “Proletary” and expects to “bring down” them from the “punitive”.
“During his reign in Lisichansk all enterprises were affected, but the most powerful” air strike “in this city was caused by the rule of the PR and Dunaev,” notes Lugansk journalist Vsevolod Filimonenko:

All the schemes that were under Yanukovych, work. Miner families remain without means of livelihood, because Curators from the “Oppobloka” steal through the firms-pads and off-shores. They are mining the coal industry and are screaming from the stands about the economic decline. Sponsors terrorists, and then tell at rallies about how much harm the region brought the war …

At the end of last summer, the GPU leaked information that the PJSC “Lisichanskugol” is being checked for sponsorship of the “South-East Army” – it’s a pity that the results of this check are not reported. At the same time it would be worthwhile to check the version that walks among the workers of Lisichanskugol – that the underground fire at Privolnyanskaya and smoldering at Melnikov are acts of sabotage.

And our sources in Lysychanskugol say that the pledge of Dunaev’s confidence and partners is the benevolent benevolence of Minister Igor Nasalik, who controls lawlessness through the “institute” of observers (but we will talk about this in the following publications).

3. Is triumph guaranteed to the enemies of Ukraine in the new elections?
Why not instead of promoting fake acts on the coal shortage of the SBU to engage in anti-Ukrainian activities of Sergei Dunayev, who in 2014 gave shelter in his factory “Proletary” battalion of the terrorist Mozgovoy?

In the photo – the action movie Brain. Dunaev gave him shelter, facilities and airtime
Or, say, check – for what purpose the head of “Pervomayskugl” Boris Perepilitsa every weekend is wounded in “LNR” (he is a neighbor of the Royal Red Light), and what is engaged there. Sergei Shilin (mayor of Lisichansk), whose son is hiding from the investigation for the kidnapping of the border guard officer, is also an interesting object for investigators. Note how, on Lisichansk’s birthday, the “anti-fascist” Shilin draws parallels between the Second World War and the ATО:

But after the shameful surrender of Lugansk region, this service was not refreshed by patriots. More than half of the tainted officers moved painlessly from the Lugansk merged into Severodonetsk, avoiding lustration.

It is also interesting how the local SBU is connected with such criminal subjects as Igor Radchenko – call sign Rubezh (we wrote about this vicious link here: https://ord-ua.com/2016/11/06/nalivajchenko-i-ego- Partijnyij-gemorroj /).

Radchenko was just the full-time lawyer of the gang in which Dunayev started his journey. Not without the help of the “ryg” friends, he penetrated the “Aidar” battalion, continuing to serve the same grouping – guarding Dunayev’s property (as the leader of the “East” Khodakovsky – Akhmetov’s palace in the “DNR”), abducting the objectionable, pressing the “Accent” . He led a gang of raiders who nightmarred the competitors Dunaev-Boyko, beat their teeth to their wives, and, in the words of Georgy Tuka, being involved in torture and murder, tirelessly tried to penetrate the authorities. They say that it was Rubezh who liberated the current director of Privolnyanskaya, Molodyk, who was arrested immediately after the liberation of Lisichansk, as one of the worst collaborators. “You can press everyone except Dunaev and his people,” Radchenko often told his subordinates. One of the fighters, who was indignant about this, gave testimony about Radchenko’s crimes to the local SBU, and … Right after that he was killed (for more details, see here: https://ord-ua.com/2016/07/15/horoshaya- Novost-ot-lutsenko-dlya-romantikov-bolshoj-dorogi-v-forme-ukrainskih-voennyih-i-ih-soratnikov-vl-dnr /).

Here is another “coincidence”: The people’s deputy Andrei Artemenko helped to get out of the prison by acting as a courier, handing over to the White House a proposal to transfer the Crimea to rent and to lift sanctions (and why not all of Ukraine to lease out , is not it?). So – Radchenko was a man Nalyvaichenko, and Artemenko says that his anti-Ukrainian plan agreed with him …

And one more curious detail in the light of the recent blockade of goods from / to LND: a friend of Rubezh – Lykholit (call sign Batya) – one of the organizers of blocking coal from the territory of militants, and Rubezh-Radchenko organizes the dispersal of “blockers” with the help of the company’s security “Dawn”, after which he meets in a friendly way with the “blockade”. This is how the play is played: confrontation with the camera, reality – “behind the scenes”.

But back to our main character – Sergei Dunayev. He can be called one of the founding fathers of the “LNR”. Dunayev was in the team of Efremov, Klinchayev, Kravchenko, and other most frozen Ukrainian traitors who on March 2, 2014, standing on the steps of the Lugansk regional council, declared their support for the separatist “referendum”. Under the shouts of “hurray” raised the flag of the Russian Federation over the regional council, cried: “Putin, bring in”, and … still do not sit (with the exception of Efremov).

The whole gang of traitors to the Motherland. Dunayev – circled in red
This video of journalist Vsevolod Filimonenko specifically identifies all the members of the vast OPG of encroachments on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, which in no way will make the company Efremova in the SIZO:

This was not allowed even by the brazen Donetsk Mafiosi. Is this unprecedented stupidity or did someone give a guarantee that Putin will have a blitzkrieg in the east of Ukraine? This, too, should be interpreted by the SBU investigators with Sergei Dunaev. Listen to his words at 2:04 – where he communicates with the crowd, he expresses confidence that the south-east will separate along with the Crimea on March 30, 2014. “The southeast will leave one day … on March 30,” says On the video of Dunayev.

Finally, on April 6, 2014, what happened in Lugansk is often called the ceremonial transfer of keys from the city from the hands of local officers of the security service of Ukraine – the militants. After that, Sergei Dunaev spent 6 days in the Security Service of Lugansk, protecting his bodyguards from stripping by carcass:

In an effort to destroy Ukraine, Dunayev is showing consistency. On May 9, in 2015, he pathetically called mercenaries fighting against Ukraine – heroes forced to fight because of the need to work somewhere. “Yes, they are heroes, but only the need and government are pushing them to heroism,” said the Ukrainian deputy:

People’s Deputy admired the “LNR” miners, but many Lisichans fooled by the propaganda that poured onto their heads from Dunaev’s television channel “Accent” showed themselves to be a betrayer. Here is what one of the miners told us: “Miners of the Lisichanskugol during the fighting were marked in the counter, and took part in hostilities on the side of the LNR, while they were paid wages from Ukraine. Director of “Privolnyanki” Molodyk fully supported the Brain. But no one will give testimony against Molodych and Dunayev, tk. In shit everything, from the directors to the handle “.
How is all this connected? Closing our eyes to the destruction of mines in the controlled territory, the SBU helps the “oppoblokers” maintain demand for anthracite from the “LNR”. Minister Nasalik – instead of starting to work on the energy security of the country, with might and main lobbies the coal of “republics” and goes to “DNR” for talks with a militant named Tashkent. The theme of the energy crisis is inflated by Batya and Rubezh, which are held in one case to create a gang of bandits. And the destruction of the coal industry becomes the pre-election program of “Oppobloka”, whose top officials have not yet been criminally responsible for high treason …

The information was taken from: https://ord-ua.com/2017/03/01/chernyij-yumor-po-ukrainski-vmesto-togo-chtobyi-lovit-druzej-terrorista-mozgovogo-luganskoe-sbu-vyipolnyaet-ih-zakazyi-/