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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

Chernivtsi, SBU, corruption

The forest was transported, transported and carried. Especially, when it comes to the Carpathians – there are many woods, although the reserves are not unlimited. In the Bukovyna region, to control the forest, its cutting and, importantly, smuggling is a big profit. They sell both to the left and to the right, with documents, with legal papers, with conditional-legal, with lime. It is interesting that everyone knows about this. And they do not seem to see it. And all because the benefits of such a black business have all the key bodies and figures. Some cover, others drive, others develop. And when the implementation – either pay off, or document a minor violation. And if they caught a big fish, then the market was redistributed. And they did not manage to agree. And now it is specifically about the persons in this matter who have a high dan. Chernivtsi management of the SBU in recent years, under the management of various chiefs, has worked out the scheme well and caused corruption elements in the logging sector.

Toderenchuk Vitaly Petrovich. A person must fight corruption in the forest sector. Must. However, in its time, the leshozes in Vyzhnytsya, Putilsky, Khotynsky districts were tightened up. The leshoz workers know his bottomless pocket well. Toderenchuk specifically gave permission for logging, timber removal, solved the issues of concluding SPD contracts with the leshozes and took a considerable interest for it. After such bribes, the management decided to quench his appetite and transferred the valiant specialist to a non-operational unit. It was one of the options that he did not thunder in prison.

Information taken from: https://antikor.com.ua/articles/6169-chernivtsi_sbu_koruptsija