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Public organization
"Central Anticorruption Committee"

Congratulations on the International Anti-Corruption Day!

International Anti-Corruption Day is celebrated annually on December 9 at the initiative of the United Nations. On that day, December 9, 2003, the UN Convention against Corruption (adopted by the UN General Assembly on October 31, 2003) was opened for political signing in the Mexican city of Merida. This international agreement provides for measures to prevent corruption, punish perpetrators, as well as mechanisms for international cooperation in combating it.
Corruption (from the Latin corrumpere – to spoil) – a negative social phenomenon, which is manifested in the criminal use of officials, public and political figures of their rights and job opportunities for personal gain. Like any social phenomenon, corruption in certain social relations permeates the whole society, and in others it cannot exist. Therefore, the fight against corruption can be nothing more than a struggle to change public relations, which are favorable for the existence of corruption, to public relations in which it can not exist. Favorable for the existence of corruption are private property and bureaucratization of the government system. Anti-corruption measures are effective enhancers in the fight against corruption.
Congratulations on the International Anti-Corruption Day!
I would like all public structures to be transparent and accessible. That any question could be solved lawfully and precisely in time. That victory over corruption brought new opportunities, freed from fear and passivity. Great prospects and open doors on the way to amazing goals!