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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

Continued conflict with the Prosecutor General of Ukraine National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine

National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) has started to show signs of independence in their work, and it caused a reaction from the Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine (GPU).

It was stated by the former Deputy Prosecutor General’s Vitaliy Kasko in the air of Hromadske.ua.

According to him, the Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine should acknowledge the attempts to pressure the detectives and not interfere into the NABU’s work in the future.  However, no official response from the Prosecutor General has been received, Kasko noted.

“This shows that, unfortunately, Ukraine has not become a civilized European country. Such actions should cause an immediate reaction from the state authorities by any European standards. The suspects should be barred from work, and the effective investigation should be conducted,” he said.

Kasko also said that Dmytro Sus, which was featured in the conflict between the NABU and the GPU, organized the surveillance of investigators of the Prosecutor’s General Office General Inspection a year ago. Sus received a promotion for such illegal acts, Kasko stressed.

“Sus was engaged in the investigations as directed by the same people who now remain in the GPU. This person got promoted from the prosecutor’s office investigator to the Deputy Head of the GPU department. This suggests that the execution of orders of this kind does not entail liability, as it should be a normal country, but it is encouraged instead,” says Kasko.

According to the former Deputy Prosecutor General’s, impunity for such actions led to the abuse of authority by the GPU.

“If they committed illegal actions of wiretapping, tracking before, now they have moved to torture. Today we hear that the NABU employees were tortured,” he added.

It is worth mentioning that the open conflict between the NABU and GPU became known on August 5 when the representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office came to the office of the Bureau to conduct searches. The GPU messengers were led by Dmytro Sus from the Department of Critical Economic Affairs. The NABU administration refused to let the prosecutors in and even involved its own special forces. The Bureau explained it by the need to “avoid provocations”.

However, a spokesman of the Prosecutor General Larysa Sarhan later wrote on Facebook that the GPU investigators still removed a portion of the documents. The subject of the conflict were the materials related to secret investigative actions, in particular to wiretapping.

Head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau Artem Sytnyk said that the NABU detectives opened a criminal proceeding against the GPU prosecutors for the illegal abduction and torture.

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