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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

Corruption, crime, violence, shooting, impassibility ……

So they paint Ukraine for Americans on the website of the US Department of State

Several fresh positive theses from the US State Department’s website on Ukraine:


⁃ Police are corrupt and extort bribes;

⁃ Street crime is becoming an increasingly serious problem;

⁃ Law enforcement and emergency services rarely speak English;

⁃ Many crimes occur in the center of Kiev or in public transport;

⁃ Attacks can be made on staircases, in corridors or in elevators;

⁃ Crimes are committed using firearms;

⁃ Roads outside large urban areas are in poor condition and poorly lit.


There are, of course, a couple of tips on how to behave with criminals and avoid crowds and demonstrations.


But I think they simply did not read yesterday’s interview with the chief of the Kiev police, where he wrote in black and white that robberies, thefts and hijackings had decreased, 80 cases were less briganded and now drugs should be decriminalized.



The information is taken from: https://strana.ua/opinions/154654-korruptsija-prestupnost-nasilie-strelba-bezdorozhe.html