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Detained on a bribe to the Prosecutor of Krivoy Rog, the court set bail in 96 thousand instead of 1.6 million

Kherson city court chose to Krivoy Rog Prosecutor the local Prosecutor’s office No. 3 of the measure of restraint in form of custody up to March 24, defining the ability to pay a Deposit in the amount of 96 thousand UAH. This is evidenced by the order dated 29 Jan.
The Prosecutor was arrested on the evening of January 26, while receiving $3 million bribe (84 thousand UAH) for removal of arrest from the car brand “Skoda Rapid”. The next day he was charged with suspicion under part 3 of article 368.
Suspect the Prosecutor in court did not deny the receipt of money. How ever, he indicated that he did not agree with the legal qualification of his actions (part 3 of article 368, in particular, provides extortion).
The military Prosecutor’s office of Kherson garrison asked the court for arrest, setting him a bail in the amount of UAH 1.6 million. Prosecutors motivated by the fact that his guilt is fully supported by the evidence gathered; however, in the case that the suspect will be able to get out of custody, he will have the opportunity to influence witnesses, will have access to official documents and to have the opportunity to destroy, alter or hide, and there is also a risk that he will abscond.
Military prosecutors also pointed out that there is suspicion that the detainee the Prosecutor had previously accepted bribes and illegally enriched at the expense of third parties. Therefore, the smallest amount of the Deposit will be ineffective.
The court, in determining the amount of bail, noted that the Deposit may not be obviously unreasonable to suspect, and, since the court received no evidence of significant States the suspect, identified him with 96 thousand UAH Deposit.

The information was taken from:http://nashigroshi.org/2017/02/08/zatrymanomu-na-habari-prokuroru-z-kryvoho-rohu-sud-vyznachyv-zastavu-u-96-tysyach-zamist-16-miljona/