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Ex-investigator of the GPU Sousse: the provocation against Grechkovsky was personally organized by Prosecutor General Lutsenko

The former deputy head of the Department for investigating especially important cases in the sphere of economics, Dmitry Sus, chief of investigation of criminal proceedings in the field of economics of the Prosecutor General’s Office, gave evidence as a witness at a meeting of the Kyiv Shevchenko Court in the case against Pavel Grechkovsky, member of the Supreme Council of Justice (GSP).

A full transcript of his speech is published by the “Judicial Reporter”.

Sous, in particular, said that the case against Grechkovsky was a provocation, organized directly by the head of the GPU Yuri Lutsenko, commissioned by one of the Ukrainian businessmen.

On the testimony of Susa on the court wrote on his page in Facebook and defender Grechkovsky Eugene Solodko.

“From his testimony it follows that the tasks in the case against Grechkovsky were set directly by the Prosecutor General Lutsenko Y. … The former Deputy Minister Evdokimov was negotiating with Lutsenko The share of executors for the implementation of this provocation was determined at $ 50,000, it was not forbidden and” shaved “Grechkovsky’s money, if he suddenly decides to” solve problems. “The task was to” knock Grechkovsky out of the way, “namely to remove a member of the Supreme Council of Justice from office. It’s time for the Prosecutor General to rest, no?” – writes Solodko.

As reported by the “Country”, on September 21, 2016, the Prosecutor General’s Office, together with the Security Service of Ukraine, exposed Grechkovsky in an attempt to obtain a bribe amounting to $ 500,000 for “the impact in the ruling of the court of first instance in favor of the business entity and its enforcement by the courts of appeal and cassation.”

The information is taken from: https://strana.ua/news/133133-delo-hrechkovskoho-zakazal-butkevich-lichno-henprokuroru-lutsenko-sus.html