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For half a year 36 incidents of physical aggression concerning journalists are recorded, – NUJU

In June, 6 occurred, and from the beginning of the year, 36 cases of use of force against journalists in Ukraine were recorded. About such statistics of aggressive actions against media representatives informs the NUJU.
In June, two attacks on journalists took place at once in Kharkov and Odessa. In addition, force against media workers was used in Rivne and Chernihiv region. After staying in a month and a half coma in June, Cherkasy journalist Vadim Komarov died. This is the first murder of a Ukrainian journalist since the death of Pavel Sheremet in July 2016 as a result of a car bombing. Such are the monitoring data of the “Physical Security Index of Journalists of Ukraine”, which the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine conducts together with partner public organizations.

The brutal and most resonant attack in June was the beating of the Kharkov operator Vadim Makaryuk, which occurred on June 7 during the filming of a conflict between businessmen and local activists in the territory of the Barabashovo shopping center. Several people attacked Vadim and severely beat him, as a result, the operator spent nearly two weeks in intensive care unit, having suffered a stroke.

The “Journalists’ Physical Safety Index” is a monthly monitoring of physical aggression against journalists in Ukraine. The “Index …” is made up jointly by the NUJU and partners: the NGO “Information Security”, the NGO “Platform for Human Rights”, the Academy of Ukrainian Press and the Institute for the Development of Regional Press.

Information taken from: https://ukranews.com/news/640161-za-polgoda-zafiksirovano-36-intsidentov-fizicheskoj-agressii-v-otnoshenii-zhurnalistov-nszhu