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For the words “civil war” and “Kiev regime” journalist Skachko shines up to 10 years in prison

Yesterday late at night in the apartment of the Kiev journalist Vladimir Skachko, the SBU officers finished the search, which lasted more than 14 hours. Upon the investigative actions, telephones, computers and credit cards were seized. The journalist himself was handed a suspicion and subpoena for interrogation in connection with the accusation of the second part of Article 110 – an encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine by prior agreement by a group of persons.

The article assumes imprisonment up to 10 years. Also note that under this article there is only one preventive measure for the time of the investigation – taking into custody.

That is, Vladimir Skachko is in real danger of being in prison next week.

“I was handed a suspicion, on the basis of which they handed a subpoena for interrogation. Article 110 sounds very threatening. I am accused that I allegedly acted in collusion with the head of RIA Novosti-Ukraine, Kirill Vyshinsky. Although the short-term employment relationship between the editor and the journalist is not a deal, but simply labor relations. In order to make a deal, I go along with Vyshinsky, but I don’t know why and who needs it, I’m not a revolutionary, but a journalist who writes and tries to discuss the situation in Ukraine, ”Strane told Vladimir S Áčko

In the text of the court ruling, the blame of the journalist was noticed in the articles written by him, which were published in 2014. Then, according to Vladimir Skachko, he had a short collaboration with two publications: RIA Novosti and Ukraine.ru, but for a number of reasons their joint work was quickly completed.

“Everything is based on the article of March 16, 2014“ The referendum in Crimea is not a withdrawal, but a return? ”And“ Federalization is the way to save the integrity or fragmentation of Ukraine? ”But I raised questions everywhere and discussed. Therefore, there are no appeals in the articles. It would be if I discussed the disease of diarrhea with the leadership of the Security Service of Ukraine, and I would be accused of calling for diarrhea to infect them, do you understand? ” – says Vladimir Skachko

In order to establish the facts of encroachment on the territorial integrity of the country, a special expert was called to the journalist’s apartment. For several hours a female philologist was reading Skachko’s texts and made her decisions.

“I don’t know what they were looking for specifically, although the goal was to obtain evidence that I was trying to break Ukraine into pieces, inciting hatred. In the opinion of this woman specialist, I don’t like Ukraine. For example, in my texts there were” civil the war “,” Nenka “in quotes,” Kiev regime. “She called it all the narratives and markers of Russian propaganda, which I allegedly lowered from somewhere,” – tells “Country” Vladimir Skachko

According to the interrogation summons, Vladimir Skachko is due to arrive on March 10 at 11 am in the Kherson Department of the Security Service of Ukraine. Recall in the Kherson court consider the case of journalist Cyril Vyshinsky, who was detained in May 2018 under the article of state change.

Information taken from: https://strana.ua/news/189367-vladimiru-skachko-vruchili-podozrenie-i-povestku-na-dopros.html