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Public organization
"Central Anticorruption Committee"

He financed Gritsenko, wrote about the machinations in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in the fund of his wife Poroshenko. Why actually arrested Alexei Tamrazov

Тамразов в зале суда. Фото

Yesterday, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko announced the detention of a well-known blogger on a bribe of $ 200,000, exposing corruption in public procurements. He was the former head of Ukrhazdobycha of the times of Yanukovych, businessman, owner of the Internet publication INSIDER and well-known blogger Alexei Tamrazov.

According to the official version of the investigation, Aleksei Tamrazov tried to bribe prosecutor Konstantin Kulik in 200 thousand dollars (although later they said that he gave 100 thousand). Tamrazov was allegedly offered a bribe for lifting the arrest from natural gas in the case of Viktor Yanukovych.

“After the announcement of the bribe and evidence, the former first deputy head of the board of PJSC Ukrgazvobycha, Tamrazov, was detained while trying to transfer an improper benefit of $ 200,000 to the GPU prosecutor for lifting the arrest from property in criminal proceedings related to the activities of the criminal organization of Yanukovych, – said Lutsenko.

Friends also talk about the provocation of the authorities in revenge for exposing Tamrazov corruption during public procurement.

“Country” understood what the real reason for the loudest criminal scandal this week.

Who is Tamrazov?

Alexey Tamrazov is known in the journalistic community as a businessman, owner of the All-Ukrainian Media Group Ltd. (publisher of the INSIDER website), as well as a blogger who published a series of materials on suspicious public procurement transactions carried out by the authorities.

In particular, it was he who untwisted the history of purchases for the inflated price of cars for the police.

From 2010 to March 2014, he held the post of first deputy chairman of the board of state-owned PJSC “Ukrgazvydobuv”.

Tamrazov also at one time headed the party People’s Platform. He also engaged in motorsports and played for the team of Ferrari Team Ukraine. He also had his own AT Rally team.

Tamrazov became widely known after the summer of 2015 introduced a pledge of 5 million UAH for one of the suspects in the murder of journalist Olesya Buzina – Denis Polishchuk. In addition, thanks to Alexei at large in January 2017 was the nationalist Vita Zaveruha. The businessman contributed 1.6 million UAH of bail for the girl, who is accused of complicity in the daring robbery of the WOG gas station and the murder of two policemen in May 2015 near Kiev.

Tamrazov also supported many nationalist activists, in particular from C14.

Why he was accused of bribery?
Version 1. Official

According to the version of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Security Service of Ukraine, Tamrazov gave a bribe to remove the arrest from gas (the arrest was imposed on the affairs of Kurchenko).

As the speaker of the GPU Andrei Lysenko said in Facebook, Alexey Tamrazova transferred money to the deputy head of the Department of International Legal Cooperation of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Now this post is occupied by the former military prosecutor Konstantin Kulik, who was suspected of illegal enrichment.

According to the GPU, the siloviki documented “the fact of transferring part of the unlawful gain in the amount of 100 thousand dollars, from the previously agreed amount of 200 thousand dollars.” The money was intended to ensure that the prosecutor in the criminal proceeding did not re-apply for an arrest of natural gas.

According to Lysenko, open criminal proceedings under Part 3 of Art. 369 of Ukraine (the offer of improper benefit to the employee of law enforcement bodies) and now Tamrazov faces imprisonment for the term from four to eight years with confiscation of property or without it.

Version 2. “Podstava”

People who know Tamrazov well do not believe in the prosecutor’s version that Tamrazov bribed the prosecutor. They suspect that the businessman was framed.

Several acquaintances of Tamrazov said that earlier Alexey had been extorted money by people from the prosecutor’s office and tried to squeeze out the business. And the arrest was a logical reaction of law enforcement officers to Tamrazov’s refusal to make concessions.

“This is very reminiscent of the standard extortion, which ended simply not” decisive “at the end, but a set-up. That’s such a public arrest, “- says the” country “well-known journalist Sergei Lyamets, who is well acquainted with Tamrazov.

In his view, Tamrazov fell under the classic scheme of declination to bribery, which is often used by law enforcement to “bring” a person under the article.

“He was led for a long time.” This so-called. political arrest, when a person is put under an article. This is a common story, especially in our country, if a person has his own business, money, and he has something to take – raiding is read. This is from the same series that the drugs are thrown during the search. Only here everything is mixed up with economic leaps and bounds, “believes Sergey Lyamets.

He calls what is happening to Tamrazov the usual “reprisal”. And does not exclude that there may be involved a personal motive. “95% of the probability that this is a reduction of accounts,” believes Lyamets.

He said “Country”, in the prosecutor’s office, they wanted to expose Alexei bribe-taker, who tried to corrupt the prosecutor.

“Alexey has for many years analyzed the state purchases. Watched a tender for the Interior Ministry, Neftegaz … Not that he was such a fighter against corruption, he just like a normal person if he saw that they steal, then he said they steal. Kobolevsky armored Mercedes, too, because Alex found, and in fact, he did not give Kobolev buy this car. And they say that Andrei Vladimirovich was very offended, and even put his hand to the situation with the arrest of Alexei, “- says” Country “Lyamets.

In addition, there is information that recently Tamrazov received threats from the Interior Ministry – again, because he systematically “hammered” the system on transparent tenders on public procurement and publicly covered corruption deals.

“Tamrazova recounted the prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor and the investigator in his case can immediately pass as accused of extorting money. If Tamrazov paid what was required – the Prosecutor General would not have presented us with this wonderful detention, “Evgeniy Karas, the leader of the extreme right-wing movement C14, who was assisted by Tamrazov, reported on his Facebook page.

By the way, according to Karas, this fact became one of the levers of pressure on Tamrazov by the siloviki.

“I guess:

– It was extremely unsettling in the system that Tamrazov helps various activists. And besides he is engaged in excavating corruption in public procurement.

– Since Tamrazov spent a lot of money on volunteer assistance to soldiers, all the siloviki believe that “Lesha has a lot of extra money.”

– The prosecutors decided to shock Tamrazova. Actually, at first they said that he gave a bribe of 200 000. And later the press secretary of the prosecutor’s office said “I specify that there were 100 000”. I hope that at least the other hundred were not stolen.

– I do not know about Tamrazov’s business and political ties. Several Ukrainian soldiers were working in Tamrazov’s circle. In general, he looked man fairly apolitical in terms of interest in schemes, elections and political sharashka. Rather, it is shaken because of the thirst for money, and not for “politics.”

– And the last. The application that Tamrazov “bribed” to cover “schemes Yanukovych.” So in 2018, not for the schemes themselves, but for “covering” other people’s schemes take a pro-Ukrainian bureaucrat (businessman), who was hacked to the contrary by public officials for public coverage of corruption at tenders. And they took up the “coverage schemes” now, and not when Tamrazov drove dozens of cars to the front.

Perhaps in the case there are still some “shocking facts”. We will carefully listen to them. In the meantime … we see only an unsuccessful racket, “Carp wrote.

Information on the fact that Tamrazova extorted money, also confirmed the editor-in-chief of INSIDER Tatiana Nikolayenko. She detailed the points of the current criminal case against Tamazov.

“Despite the fact that the production in the GPU was dated in 2014, Tamrazov was summoned for the first time for questioning in the spring … 2018. In principle, if I felt guilty, I could escape fifteen times. But, “- wrote Tatyana Nikolaenko on her Facebook page.

According to her, which Nikolaenko confirmed by screenshots of correspondence with Alexei, on the first interrogation he went even without lawyers. “He did not feel threatened. But there he heard an interesting conversation about his property and hints of paying off, “Tatyana added.

“Tamrazov for the last 2 years, 10 times told me that he will not pay prosecutors. After that, the eagles of Bedrikivsky (Head of the Department for Supervision of Compliance with Laws in Criminal Proceedings and Coordination of Law Enforcement Activity of the Prosecutor General’s Office Vladimir Bedrikivsky, Prim.red) came to his tank farm. Arrested property. The staff of the base was told at the same time that Tamrazov was not talkative. Did not help. The court won Alex. Then came with NABU. With the unfinished decision of the late Bobrovnik. Lawyers again appealed against illegal actions in court, the actions of the prosecutor are now production in the “RDR”, – said the journalist.

In favor of this version says the identity of the prosecutor, who is investigating the Tamrazov case.

Konstantin Kulik himself is under investigation – he is suspected of illegal enrichment. In 2016, the prosecutor ATO Kulik for a year and a half bought property worth more than his salary for five years. By the way, this is the same prosecutor who detained and led the case of Saakashvili.

And it was him, according to the investigation, Tamrazov wanted to give a bribe. And Kulik goes through this case as a witness.

Alexei Tamrazov himself at today’s trial to select a preventive measure said that he was forced to meet with an odious prosecutor Konstantin Kulik from the SBU from Mariupol.

Given the odiousness of the prosecutor’s personality and this new fact, which Tamrazov himself reported, it is possible that Kulik became “jailbreaker” in Alexey’s case. At least, Alexei’s acquaintances are inclined towards this version.

Version 3. Revenge for criticizing his wife Poroshenko and Avakov

Tamrazov wrote about corruption not only in state structures, but also in the fund of Marina Poroshenko.

So, according to him, the sanatorium-health complex “Smaragdove Misto”, which was guarded by the first lady, bought products for children at inflated prices.

“Smaragdove Misto” signed contracts with FOP Rodin Oleksandr Petrovich for the amount of 3 450 700grn.

For example:

16 650 kg of potatoes: 12 UAH / kg
Others buy from 3 to 7 UAH / kg
49500 eggs: 4 UAH / pcs.
Others buy from 2 to 2.6 UAH / piece
250 kg of cocoa packing: 308 UAH / kg
others buy: 50-100 UAH / kg and some even at 200 UAH / kg
3000 kg Oliia sonyashnikova: at 46 UAH / kg
Others buy: 30-35 UAH / kg
2400 kg of rice: 32 UAH / kg
Others buy: 20-22 UAH / kg
4500 kg of flour: 16.40 UAH kg
others buy: 9 UAH / kg
1660 kg sour-milk fat cheese: 120 UAH kg
others buy: 57 -73 UAH / kg
And other positions at prices that are more expensive than market prices.

This FOP and in December potatoes at 12 UAH / kg “children from the ATU zone” supplied “- Tamrazov wrote in January 2017.

But the biggest scandal was connected with Tamrazov’s exposure to the purchase of cars for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at an inflated price.

As the businessman said, the Ministry of Internal Affairs overpaid for each car Mitsubishi Outlander, purchased for the police, at least 112 thousand hryvnia.

“Mitsubishi outlander phev I cleared.” The total cost, according to the customs declaration – 1.161 million UAH .It should be taken into account that having the opportunity to import directly from Japan (as an official importer), the savings from this price could be about 90 thousand UAH (10% – approximately 2500 euros duty in the EU and accruals for this amount from us.) But even with such a not very profitable import scheme, the price is lower than the “policeman” by 152 thousand UAH.Take away 40 thousand UAH the cost of “special equipment” – will be released a difference of 112 thousand UAH on cars.According to honest, all 200 “, – wrote Tamrazov.

Also, as it turned out, the tender for the supply of police cars to almost a billion hryvnia was won by the company “Nico Motors” close to the leader of the “Popular Front” Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

The scandal then was grandiose.

It is possible that this is what played its role in the fact that Tamrazova decided to “pack.”

Version 4. Revenge for Gritsenko

As Tatyana Chernovol, a People’s Front deputy from the People’s Front, told a Facebook correspondent, the arrested Tamrazov is also a sponsor of former defense minister and potential presidential candidate Anatoly Hrytsenko.

One of the close friends of the arrested businessman confirmed this version. “Apparently this punishment is for the financing of the campaign of Anatoly Gritsenko.” Tamrazova Kulik put in. This is a professional provocateur who has lighted up a whole series of highly questionable cases, beginning with the confiscation of “a billion Yanukovych” and finishing the case of Saakashvili’s state treason, “Tamrazova said.

The information is taken from: https://strana.ua/articles/analysis/155488-aleksej-tamrazov-za-chto-na-samom-dele-arestovali-vladeltsa-insider.html