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Holodnitsky can arrest Lutsenko, and Lutsenko – HOLODNITSKY

The main fighters against corruption are suspected of corruption, and society does not care. He was not worried.

“Ukrainian News” referring to an anonymous from the law enforcement agencies said that Nazar Holodnitsky can detain and arrest, and in the near future.

Kholodnitsky is a specialized anti-corruption prosecutor of Ukraine, in other words, the chief state official in Ukraine responsible for combating top corruption. He does not have any other official duties. NABU are detectives, detectives, they work on behalf of and under the supervision of the prosecutor Holodnitsky. That is, the results of the fight against corruption depend on Holodnitsky no less, or even more, than from NABU.

And now you can get such a person “arrested”!

However, the anonym – the creature is completely irresponsible, so we have the right not to pay attention to this news from the “Ukrainian News”. However, it is not from an anonymous but from a quite official source, namely Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko, we know that in the office of Nazar Holodnitsky there was installed equipment for secret listening. The Prosecutor General says that the GPU, together with the NABU, “listened” to the specialized anti-corruption prosecutor with the court’s permission, but does not say anything else. Neither about the reasons for the distrust of the GPU in Holodnitsky, nor about the articles of the Criminal Code on which it is suspected, nor about whether these suspicions were confirmed by the records made by the “bug” nor on the progress of the investigation. To all questions, his answer is: “Only as a result of interrogations and examinations can I report whether there are signs of criminal offenses recorded on eavesdropping devices installed in the office of the SAP head,” Yuriy Lutsenko said on the ICTV channel. That’s how it is! It turns out that it is still unknown whether Holodnitsky committed a criminal offense! There will still be interrogations and examinations to know this! Then why he was “bug” put on the aquarium? Just in case – and suddenly the main anti-corruption is the corrupt official himself? Maybe, if it’s any case, then it’s worthwhile to “bug” everyone, starting with the Prosecutor General’s office, and if absolutely “just in case”, then not only in the office, but wherever there are potential corrupt officials? It would be a total war on corruption, but there will not be, therefore there will be no one to listen to the recordings from these “bugs” – still under suspicion.

But the very latest news from the “Ukrainian News”, this time not from the anonym. At the request of the agency, the answer was officially answered by the NABU, and it follows from the answer that there are, it turns out (many Ukrainian people knew about this?), Criminal proceedings against the possible illegal enrichment of Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko, and the case of declaring unreliable information, and Kholodnitsky also about has combined these two productions into one.

So, Lutsenko (GPU), along with NABU checks Holodnitsky (SAP), and Holodnitsky (SAP) together with NABU checks Lutsenko (GPU). Both verifications were made possible by the court. All clear?

If not, then no one will help you. Who is corrupted by whom – for obvious reasons you will not be told by SAP, NABU, or GPU. And there is no one else. There is no anti-corruption court, the GDB is not yet functioning, and when they work, it is likely that they will confuse us even more.

But in all this confusion one can distinguish one obvious but extremely unpleasant situation for all of us: accusations, hints of accusations and simply incomprehensible intrigues around the main anti-corruption prosecutor and the Prosecutor General did not worry Ukraine at all. The main fighters against corruption, this terrible infection that pulls the country into the abyss and which everyone regards as the greatest evil for Ukraine, is suspected of corruption, and society does not let it go by ears. Even the most politically excited activists and bloggers have not raised the noise in social networks. Why does it matter to all of us whether Holodnitsky should or not, he is a corrupt official or a victim of corrupt officials. No one was interested in the acute question: what will happen now with the fight against corruption? It has already ended, because an honest prosecutor has been “neutralized” or, on the contrary, only begins, because the dishonest prosecutor, the imitator of the fight, is finally exposed and turned out? Legally enriched by the Prosecutor General – have been investigating since October 30, 2017, almost five months. Little? Is it possible to keep the Prosecutor General under suspicion in the public eye for so long?

There is no answer, because no one asks questions. The society only with one eye, almost yawning, watches how the law enforcers find out about themselves some sort of relationship, and which ones are not clear and not very interesting. If this is the main result of the four-year fight against corruption, which has not disappeared anywhere, it is clearly not the case or not that we are fighting for. Although take it, and start all over again.

Information taken from: https://ord-ua.com/2018/03/28/holodnitskij-mozhe-zaareshtuvati-lutsenka-a-lutsenko–holodnitskogo/