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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

Illegal schemas of Security Service of Ukraine and the Customs

The described cases are repeated situations which happen too often in Ukraine.

Another unpleasant, totally illegal situation has happened to the one of our kith – private company.

In May 2013 a car of this company drove with all necessary documents into the Ukrainian territory.

In violation of customs legislation of Ukraine, the officials of Kyiv Interregional Customs of Ministry of Revenues and Duties of Ukraine decided to check this ware (cartridges for sports rifle-bore weapon) and the following situation happened:

All documents were checked – everything’s okay

The freight was visually inspected – everything’s okay

The expert examination was appointed and performed – everything’s okay

Was the freight returned? – NO

Was the customs registration completed? – NO

Was the decision taken? – NO

Is there lawlessness? – YES

In this regard Mr. Sigal O.L. said:

‘Such situation happened totally on the initiative of employees of Main Department for Fight against Corruption and Organized Criminality of Security Service of Ukraine. The almost yearly prolongation of customs registration is illegal but incredibly frequent situation in the Ukrainian Customs’.

At the end of 2013 the County Administrative Court of Kyiv bound Kyiv Interregional Customs of Ministry of Revenues and Duties of Ukraine over to complete the freight customs registration and admitted the act of omission of governmental authority.

It wasn’t quite the end of it. In order to escape responsibility Kyiv Interregional Customs and Main Department of Security Service of Ukraine initiated a criminal case concerning the illegal importation of ammunition into Ukraine. At the same time nobody took into account the fact that there are all necessary import licenses of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and State Export Control Service of Ukraine.

These cartridges were being come many times to Ukraine and they were being examined many times by State Research Forensic Center and Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations. This red tape was finished in 2014 by decree of Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal with the certification of the act of omission. ‘There is an ordinary scheme: The Customs and Security Service of Ukraine are trying to create obstacles for entrepreneurs and their activities in order to receive an illegal demand’, said Mr. Sigal.