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In May, seven attacks on journalists were recorded in Ukraine

In May, two attacks on media employees took place in Odessa, and one by one – in Kiev, Cherkasy, the Dnieper, Kherson and Volyn This was announced on Facebook by the chairman of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU), Sergey Tomilenko. According to him, the most violent and resonant attack in May was the beating of Cherkasy journalist and blogger Vadim Komarov. On the morning of May 4, passers-by saw a severely beaten journalist on the street in Cherkassy and called an ambulance. Already a month, Vadim is unconscious, in a state of clinical coma, doctors say that “there is no positive dynamics …” – the third part of the brain is damaged. Komarov’s colleagues suspect that the attack was due to his sharp critical articles.
One of the most notorious publications lately is about the circumstances of a drunken rebellion in the Cherkasy colony. Among other topics of Komarov’s publications are embezzlement of budget funds, illegal construction and the like. In 2016, the journalist was already trying to shoot. Chairman of the NUJU Tomilenko notes that the attack on the Cherkasy journalist Komarov can already be called one of the most severe in the past few years. Tomilenko also expressed his concern about the lack of regular reports of law enforcement officers. It seems that no one is going to punish the attackers.

Information taken from: https://ru.espreso.tv/news/2019/06/05/v_mae_v_ukrayne_zafyksyrovaly_sem_napadenyy_na_zhurnalystov