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In Ukraine, in 2018, force was used 175 times against journalists – NUJU

In 2018, there were 86 cases of physical aggression against media workers, against 89 incidents in 2017. This was said on January 23 at the presentation of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine of the Index of Physical Safety of Journalists of Ukraine following the results of last year.

The most incidents – 13 – occurred in May, 12 – in March, and 9 – in February and September 2018. Also, the number of attacks on women journalists has increased by 50%. In addition, attacks on journalists in 2018 were accompanied by a special aggression and cruelty, as a result of which many journalists were seriously injured.

“In the years 2017-2018, a total of 175 incidents were recorded with the use of force against journalists. This is an impressive and unacceptable figure,” said Sergei Tomilenko, chairman of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine. “Therefore, the NUJU requires maximum efforts from law enforcement agencies indicators.

He notes that, unfortunately, due attention of law enforcement officers to crimes against media workers is not – most of them remain undisclosed and do not even go to court. According to the published “Index” data, in 12 cases the attackers are officials, officials or deputies, and in 10 cases – law enforcement officers, 1 incident occurred with the use of weapons.

It is also alarming the NWU tendency to attack female journalists. “If we talk about the regions, the city of Kiev and the region lead the obvious leadership in this anti-rating, in particular, 29 incidents of physical aggression were recorded. Dnepropetrovsk region ranks second – 10 cases of use of force against journalists. On the third place is Odessa region with 7 incidents “I note that last year, the Odessa region took the second place – 10 incidents were recorded in 2017. But then Volyn, Poltava and Donetsk regions were recorded in anti-rating, where 5 cases of use of force against journalists were recorded.” -said Sergey Tomilenko ..

He notes that the NUJU insists on the need for holding parliamentary hearings on the physical safety of journalists in order to hear at the highest state platform from the heads of law enforcement agencies, which is being done to really protect journalists.

Tatyana Popova, an expert of the NGO “Information Security”, notes that 2019 for Ukraine is characterized by the holding of elections. Therefore, it is worth waiting for the growth in the number of cases of bullying and physical attacks on journalists and the media.

Recall, the “Physical Security Index of Journalists of Ukraine” is a monthly monitoring of the facts of physical aggression against journalists and media in Ukraine. The “Index …” is composed by the NUJU and partners: NGO “Information Security”, NGO “Platform for Human Rights”, the Academy of Ukrainian Press and the Institute for the Development of Regional Press.


Information taken from: https://strana.ua/news/182586-za-dva-hoda-v-ukraine-175-raz-napadali-na-zhurnalistov-nszhu.html