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In Ukraine, not allowed Italian photojournalist Giorgio Bianchi

On Tuesday, May 1, an Italian photojournalist Giorgio Bianchi was detained at the Kiev Borispol airport. Earlier, he was banned from entering Ukraine.

He himself told RIA Novosti on the phone, waiting for the return flight to his homeland.

“Today I flew to Boryspil by an early flight at about 07.30 am At the passport control border guards asked me to go with them to a separate room where I was told that my name is on the list of persons who are prohibited from entering the territory of Ukraine and I must return After that, I was escorted to one of the exits for departure, “the source said.

However, the story did not end there. After a while, according to Bianchi, he was again escorted to the office, where, he claims, he was actually interrogated.

“I was again brought to the office and, so to speak, interrogated, I notice that they treated me quite kindly, I answered all the questions asked in a perfectly calm manner and asked to explain the motives for my inclusion in the restricted list,” Bianchi said.

The photojournalist told the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities that in 2015 the Italian Foreign Ministry informed him about the ban on visiting Ukraine for five years. The reason for this decision was that in 2015 he allegedly illegally entered the Ukrainian territory. Then the journalist who worked in the Donbass gave the Italian Foreign Ministry evidence that he was in Ukraine in a perfectly legal manner and, in particular, showed air tickets and a passport with all the necessary marks.

The Italian Foreign Ministry checked this information and informed Bianchi that the Ukrainian authorities do not have any specific materials on it, but nevertheless they advised not to go to Ukraine for at least five years.

As reported by “Country”, in Ukraine since the beginning of the year there has been a significant increase in the number of attacks against journalists. Already recorded 21 cases of attacks on the media.

The information is taken from: https://strana.ua/news/138982-v-ukrainu-ne-pustili-italjanskoho-fotozhurnalista-kotoryj-v-2014-hodu-byl-v-ato.html