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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

In Ukraine, the pace of fighting corruption has decreased twofold – TI

Ukraine rose one position higher in the study of Transparency International “Corruption Perceptions Index.” However, the dynamics of the state’s growth decreased by half.

This is stated in the report of the international anti-corruption network Transparency International.

“Ukraine received 30 points out of 100 possible in the Transparency International study” Corruption Perception Index “(CPI) for 2017 and took 130th place (from 180 countries), which is 1 point higher and 1 position higher than last year (29 points , 131 out of 176 countries.) But the dynamics of last year’s results are lower (1 point against 2) than in 2016, “the organization notes.

Among the reasons that helped Ukraine to rise to the level above – the launch of the NABU and SAP, the continuation of the work of the register of electronic declarations, the functioning of the public procurement reform, the mandatory use of the ProZorro system, the reform of the gas market and steps for deregulation.

In addition, the authors noted a decrease in the level of corruption in the police and a reduction in the number of cases when a business is forced to give bribes.

“At the same time, such a slow growth in Ukraine’s index, in fact a fall in growth dynamics in half compared to 2016, is due to the following circumstances: lack of political will of the country’s leadership to resolutely fight corruption and low confidence in Ukrainian courts and prosecutors,” note in Transparency International.

Also in the organization they remembered “the permanent legislative initiatives of the parliament, which threaten the anti-corruption infrastructure again.”

“As a result, corruption remains one of the main problems for business and ordinary citizens,” the TI concluded.

Also in the organization add that her last year’s recommendations embodied in part.

“In particular, the creation of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court in 2017 stopped at the stage of submission of the bill by the President, which contradicts the recommendations of the Venice Commission.” Means Yanukovych “were transferred to the budget for a dubious judicial decision, which is still officially classified,” the report says.

The organization recalls that until now the defense procurement audit has not taken place, and the level of secrecy in this sphere remains, according to Transparency International, further unreasonable.

“During the year, there have been many attempts to limit the independence of newly anti-corruption bodies and cases of pressure on journalists and public activists working in the field of combating corruption: the introduction of discriminatory electronic property declarations, pressure from law enforcement agencies, provocations, opposition, beatings and discrediting information campaigns,” – they say in the organization.

At the same time, in the rating of the SRI of Ukraine for the first time since 2010, Russia has outstripped Russia (29 points), has not improved its positions over the past year.

However, the results of neighboring countries are higher than in Ukraine: Poland – 60, Hungary – 50, Romania – 48, Hungary – 45, Belarus – 44, Moldova – 31.

Information taken from: https://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2018/02/21/7172406/