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Killed in police prince robbed the house itself – Lutsenko

Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that shooting in the prince, which killed five law enforcement officers, occurred after security forces themselves, probably robbed a house in the village, according to TSN.

As is known, the police denied any involvement in the robbery in the prince. “In any thefts they (representatives Natspolitsii) did not participate, they participated in a special operation,” – said last month acting Head Natspolitsii Vadim Troyan.

“Let’s just say, the house was robbed twice first professional robbers, and probably did as employees of police protection – GEO arrived on the challenge, as the first wave of the robbers drove off!.”, – The head of the GPU said.

Note that earlier the police stated that the planned robbery did not take place, and three suspects after hearing gunfire between security forces, abandoned their plan, tried to escape and they were detained already near Kiev.

According to Lutsenko, the first fired the employee portion of the protection, and the group that went on missing alarms in the house, his own and robbed.

“We have evidence that they have taken out already robbed the premises elite alcoholic drinks and then noticed the scouts that this is followed And then happened what happened.” – Said the head of the Prosecutor General.

In turn, the State Guard leadership claimed that its employees are not permitted to enter the house without the owner, and they only examined the yard.

The information was taken from: http://novosti-n.org/news/read/116551.html