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Klinchayev separatists to flee to Russia gave the apartment in Pechersk allegedly relative investigator SBU

In August 2016 the former deputy of Lugansk regional council of the Party of Regions Arsene Klinchayev accused in the assassination of the territorial integrity and training adminbudivel delight in Lugansk, gave at least one of his Kiev apartment Lilies Tertychnyi. This is according to the State Register of real rights on real estate.

In August 2016 Lily Tertychnyi the contract of donation received from Arsene Klinchayeva bedroom apartment in the Kiev area of ​​44 sq m. Located on the street. Kikvidze 13 a. Similar apartments sell for $ 50 thousand.

klynchaevZa information Vsevolod Filimonenko blogger, Lily is Tertychnyi aunt investigator SBU is investigating the criminal proceedings against Arsene Klinchayeva. However Filimonenko did not mention his name.

As reported by the Security Service in response to a request publication “Chetvertaya power” in August 2016 (just before Tertychnyi got a present apartment) Klinchayev defendants could leave to go to Ukraine and Russia. This happened because in Klinchayeva ended term of preventive measures such as house arrest, and another he did not continue. According Filimolnenko, it is for such a service investigating his cousin got the property. August 4, 2016, that on the day of receipt of the apartment on the street. Kikvidze 13 and lily Tertychnyi contracts donation became owner of three more apartments in Kiev, on the street. Kikvidze, 30 (38 sq m) on the prospect of victory, 7b (29 sq m) and on the street. Professor Podvysotskogo, 18 (45 square meters), which together could cost $ 150 thousand. According Filimomenko these three apartments had also belonged Klinchayevu but now the relevant information available in the property registry.
Following the publication of this information, “Our Money” were pulled from the state register of real estate, confirming ownership of the apartment Klinchayeva on Victory Avenue.
The SBU correspondent LIGA: ZAKON this information called “fake.” “Notice if he (Klinchayev – Ed.) Negotiated with the investigator, do you think at any stage collapsed the matter? This hint you where to dig, “- said the press secretary SBU Elena Hitlyanska.
“Officially it’s fake, it’s not true,” – she said.
When asked which part of the SBU believes this information to be false – about the woman, who gave Klinchayev apartment is a relative of the investigator SBU or to the fact of donation of apartments, Hitlyanska said: “He gave no apartment. It’s all fake. Security service this has nothing to do. ”
Recall that the deputy of Lugansk regional council of the Party of Regions Arsen Klinchayeva was arrested in 2014. His case was sent to the Shevchenko district court of Kyiv, which sent it to the Kyiv Court of Appeals to determine jurisdiction. The Court of Appeal to the Supreme redirected to deal with spetssudu of criminal and civil cases, which gave it a Mezhivskyy District Court of Dnipropetrovsk region.
Mezhivskyy Court returned the case to the Prosecutor General, who filed an appeal against the decision. It happened in the summer of 2016. It was at this time Klinchayeva ended house arrest and can not continue and he could leave Ukraine.
Only in December 2016 Klinchayeva was declared wanted and Kyiv Shevchenko district court issued a warrant for his arrest and detention.
According to the case, in 2014 near the banks of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Klinchayev publicly urged citizens to disperse activists of Maidan power to the federal structure of Ukraine. According to forensic linguistic examination, ex-MP is a call to commit violent acts and changes in the territorial structure of Ukraine. Klinchayevu also charged with capturing buildings Luhansk Regional State Administration.

The information was taken from: http://nashigroshi.org/2017/01/13/separatyst-klinchaev-pered-vtecheyu-do-rosiji-podaruvav-kvartyru-na-pechersku-rodychtsi-slidchoho-sbu-yakyj-viv-joho-spravu/