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Former military chief prosecutor Anatoly Matios attracted the odious Donetsk raider Vladislav Draeger to illegally seize the assets of the ex-minister of the time of Yanukovich, Alexander Klimenko. After their plan failed, Draeger, under the pressure and threats of Matios, signed the testimony that formed the basis of the case against Klimenko. The ex-MP and coordinator of the movement “Vilnі People” Andrei Levus and an employee of the SBU Bogdan Chobitok were also involved in the scheme.

This was reported directly by Draeger himself in a video message that was published on the network.

In a video recorded in 2017, Vladislav Draeger admits that, at the suggestion of Anatoly Matios, he was preparing to intentionally incriminate himself and recognize him as a member of the “criminal group Alexander Klimenko and formalize the corporate rights of his enterprises located in Ukraine”. After that, Draeger, according to Matios’s plan, had to make a deal with the investigation, and Klimenko’s assets would be confiscated as part of this deal.

Draeger said that his meetings with Anatoly Matios took place directly in the building of the General Prosecutor’s Office, where the raider was brought through the official parking lot, without registration. According to Dräger, the officers of the military prosecutor’s office, Dmitry Borzykh, Olga Mirgorodskaya and Vitaliy Opanasenko, as well as MP from the Popular Front faction (at that time) Andrei Levus, also participated in the meetings and the development of the “plan”.

“At this meeting, a situation was being worked out that I know that a number of Cypriot companies, which are owned and managed by Alexander Klimenko, in 2014 issued a series of powers of attorney to manage corporate rights for Cypriot offshore companies. I made contact with this non-resident in order to get these assets of Klimenko out of control. To provide financial support for this operation, it was proposed to use the difficult situation with some enterprises in the Donetsk region, which were purchased by a Turkish citizen from Sergey Belgorodsky, ”Dräger says.

Recall, as the ORD website wrote, Vladislav Draeger is known for his involvement in high-profile raider attacks in the late 90s and early 2000s in the Donetsk region. Among them, Zuevsky energy-mechanical plant businessman Sergei Belogorodsky. It was in connection with the seizure of this enterprise on April 25, 2011 that Draeger was detained by the tax police, which was then led by Alexander Klimenko. After leaving the prison after the events of Maidan in 2014, Draeger fabricated a case against Belgorod on charges of terrorist financing, while unidentified people seized a number of his enterprises by force and fictitiously executed a certain citizen of Turkey. Belgorodsky companies obtained a number of criminal cases against Draeger.

In the video, Dräger explicitly indicates that Anatoly Matios agreed to help the Turkish citizen (i.e. directly to Dräger himself) with these criminal cases, for which he had to finance a number of agreements on the acquisition of assets of the Klimenko family.

“For this purpose, Anatoly Vasilyevich … by his decree, the military prosecutor’s office took away all criminal cases related to the sale of these enterprises to the Belgorod Turk and, as far as I know, to this day these criminal cases are in the formal proceedings of the military prosecutor’s office, but no investigative actions these cases have not been conducted for more than six months, ”Dräger said in a video.

He also claims that on the instructions of Dmitry Borzykh, Deputy Matios, he met with representatives of the so-called “Enakievskaya grouping” and with Ivan Avramov, with the right hand Yuri Ivanyushchenko (!). The purpose of these meetings was supposedly the search for a way out for a personal meeting with Klimenko. “But during these meetings it became clear that in fact this group cannot help me organize a meeting with Klimenko, since she herself is in strained relations with Klimenko and Arbuzov,” Dräger says.

Thus, back in 2017, Anatoly Matios had contacts with people of Yuri Ivanyushchenko, the right hand of ex-President Yanukovych, who has been wanted since December 2014 on suspicion of seizing state budget funds in especially large sizes. At the same time, Matios did not take any action to detain Ivanyushchenko himself. Moreover, in June 2019, the case against Ivanyushchenko was closed “in connection with the establishment of the absence of a criminal offense”

In the video, Dräger confirms that he didn’t succeed in meeting with Klimenko, after which Matios was “in a very disappointed state” and set his grandfather on March 1, 2017. After that, according to Draeger, the people of Matios extorted money from him for the “efforts spent”.

“After this date, Dmitry Borzykh blamed me that the military prosecutor’s office incurred a certain negativity in the fact that they took away criminal cases on Turkish assets. He tried to raise questions about some kind of reward for these efforts, ”he says.

But in April, Matios again turned to Dräger with a proposal to ensure the re-registration of Klimenko companies, but to work with him directly, without Andrei Levus and Sergei Chobitka.

“Anatoly Vasilievich, to my surprise, changed his approach and began to demand that I work with him one on one, and no longer share the details of the work and certain plans, with those people who were aware of them before – MP Andrei Levus and SBU employee, Colonel Chobitok Bogdan Petrovich. These persons absolutely clearly knew and understood the whole order and the course of actions for working together with Anatoly Vasilyevich, they understood the goals and objectives that we set for ourselves, ”says Dräger.

The Donetsk raider said that he had recorded this video, because “personally and my friends are under pressure from Anatoly Vasilyevich.” Interestingly, the video was recorded on July 1, 2017. And the protocol of the interrogation of Dräger, on which, as journalists previously found out, is the whole case of the military prosecutor’s office against Alexander Klimenko, was dated July 5, 2017. And already on July 14, 2017, the military prosecutor’s office carried out high-profile searches in the companies indicated in this “interrogation” by Dräger. Kyivans remembered this day by blocking the Gulliver business center with the help of armored personnel carriers. It is there that the editorial board of the Klimenko-owned website, newspaper and Vesti radio station is located, which Anatoly Matios has repeatedly threatened to close.

According to media reports, the Klimenko case is not the only one where Dräger was used by the prosecutor as a front witness and a “companion” for squeezing assets. In 2018, according to a similar scheme, Dräger became a “witness” of the prosecutor’s office against the ex-chairman of the Higher Economic Court of Ukraine Viktor Tatkov and the chairman of the Kyiv Commercial Court Artur Emelyanov. As part of the criminal case, a significant number of apartments in the Novopechersky Dvor residential complex (Kiev) were arrested.

It is also known that the State Bureau of Investigation under the leadership of Roman Truba has already launched an investigation into the illegal seizure of property of private companies as part of an organized criminal group of Anatoly Matios, Vitaliy Opanasenko, Olga Mirogorodskaya and Vladislav Dreger, as well as a number of judges from the Pechersk court of Kiev who helped them in these schemes.

Information taken from: http://www.bagnet.org/news/politics/407320/matios-sfalsifitsiroval-dokazatelstva-v-dele-eks-ministra-klimenko-video