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Matios’ wife became the owner of several dozens of hectares of land in the Kherson region – media

Irina Barakh owns the land through an affiliated company

Djergeokadastr in the Kherson region has granted to the ownership of 36 persons 72 hectares of agricultural land for personal farming located outside the settlements on the territory of the Kherson City Council. Subsequently, most of the site was privately owned by LLC “Energy Company” Solar Capital “, the ultimate beneficiary of which is the wife of the Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios.

As the journalist Alisa Voitenko wrote in the local newspaper Most, 36 persons were handed over to 2 persons free of charge in August of last year. The land is located on the administrative boundary of the city of Kherson.

By December 2017, all 36 sites were combined into two: 48 and 24 hectares. The owner of a smaller plot was Maria Yaborova, who on February 20, 2018 sold it to Olga Grinko. The latter is a co-founder of LLC “Energy Company” Solar Capital “, established on February 15, that is, 5 days before the acquisition of the land. Ultimate beneficial owner of “Solar Capital” – LLC “Polyexpo” in the person of the wife of the chief military prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios Irina barah.

The plot of 48 hectares in December last year became the property of Snezhana Slipachenko. She is the daughter of Alexander Slipachenko, head of the Department for Support of the National Bank of Ukraine.

In the future the site was divided into three parts: 30, 13 and 5 hectares. Two of them, 30 and 13 hectares in area, are owned by the Energy Company “Solar Capital”, and less – by an area of ​​5 hectares – are currently owned by the co-founder of the firm Olga Grinko.

As ZAXID.NET wrote, earlier the chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios refused to explain the origin of almost 34 million UAH of “dividends” from his wife’s business. When asked where the family invests millions earned by the wife, the military prosecutor declared: “I do not ask what you ate today.”

In the declaration of 2015, Matios indicated common property with his wife, dividends in the amount of UAH 10 million from OOO Polyekspo and UAH 24 million of dividends from OOO Ampir.

Information taken from: https://zaxid.net/druzhina_matiosa_stala_vlasnitseyu_kilkoh_desyatkiv_gektariv_zemli_na_hersonshhini__zmi_n1452027