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Military Prosecutor’s Office is mired in huge corruption scandals

Office Anatoly Matios confidently takes the laurels of chief vedomstva- “solved” in the country
Military Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine rocked by high-profile corruption scandals, which featured her head Anatoly Matios and his deputy Dmitry Greyhounds. “News” learned from reliable sources that the same is happening in the department. And it turned out that there is now everything is bad: as long as the leadership of “roof” of corruption schemes, the rank and file employees have expressed their dissatisfaction with what is happening.
Two weeks ago, a report appeared in the media Military Prosecutor forces the anti-terrorist operation Konstantin Kulik at the head of the GPU, Yuri Lutsenko name. Kulik complained Matios, indicating the amount of bribes, which, according to him, extorted from the defendants in the high-profile cases.
After the publication of Kulik’s report on his behalf came refutation. However, as it became known, “West” from its own sources in the military prosecutor’s office, Kulik did not let on. Customers of the false statements made by Anatoly Matios himself and his deputy Dmitry Borzov, informed our interlocutors.
It is also known that in the near future to supply a few reports addressed to management of the GPU and the NABU on corruption by the military prosecutor’s management.
Envelopes for good work.
Since July 2016 the military prosecutor wound up practice systematic bribery of investigators and prosecutors who are resonant proceedings against Alexander Klimenko, brothers Sergey and Alexander Katsuba; production-related crimes in the area of ​​the ATO and others. on the part of management.
According to our sources, the monthly Matios instructs Borzykh form envelopes and give a thousand dollars parties agreed – and this is approximately 30-50 employees. As a rule, handing the money personally Borzykh or his agent Olga Mirgorodska. Last Mirgorodska money handed out in December 2016. Matios, Greyhounds, Mirgorodska prosecutors commented as follows: “This money,” the president of the fund “, which is noted for its very good work.” However, it is for the fund, which allocates to officials of 50 thousand US dollars per month, is not known. According to our source, the funds – of systematically received bribes, in other words, they are formed from a common fund, which controls personally Greyhounds.

How did you learn the “West”, in December last year and Matios Greyhounds gave illegal orders to stop searches in “Vernum bank”, ignoring the court decision. At the same time, both referred to the guidance of the President and the Attorney General. From reliable sources, “Vesti” has learned that the bank was used for the legalization of proceeds from criminal schemes Katsuba and “towers Boyko.”
According to our interlocutors in the prosecutor’s office, the motivation for such action was the acquisition of one million US dollars and the promise of a new “Tranche”. This information is also included in the report Kulik.
Way Greyhounds
34-year-old Dmitry Greyhounds began his career in Luhansk, where in 2005 he worked in the regional prosecutor’s office. In the autumn of 2014 he was appointed head of the investigative department of the Main Military Prosecutor of the GPU.

Dmitry Greyhounds. Photo: “The prosecutor’s true” / “Duma”
A few years his name surfaced in the media due to a number of major corruption scandals. At that time he worked as one of the leaders of the prosecutor’s office Holoseievski district of Kiev. “The prosecutor’s office in Kiev with hiccups says this worker … The usual bribes”, – told us source in law enforcement agencies.
Greyhounds went later to increase: today he is the deputy Anatoly Matios (position Greyhounds received after euromaidan events). Greyhounds actively participated in the investigation loud “case Pushkar” (battalion of the 28th mechanized brigade Odessa, who was accused of receiving from the militants more than a million UAH.). He also was a member of the prosecutors in the “case Vlasenko” (Yulia Tymoshenko’s lawyer, who was accused of beating his wife).
From its own sources “Vesti” know that Greyhounds maintains links with criminal gangs on the territory LNR and DNR. The device management Military Prosecutor’s Office (under the patronage of Matios and Greyhounds), a key position is held by Sergey Dolgopolov, who has full access to all information and productions in the GPU, with his father in law is a member of the Supreme Court of the DNI.

During 2015 and 2016 Greyhounds often traveled abroad under the guise of business trips or vacations Meeting of corruption. The theme of the talks became evasion of criminal liability of a number of individuals who are on the industries investigated by the military prosecutor. “Amounts usually start at $ 1 million,” – says our source.
Greyhounds also known love for expensive things. As reported by “The prosecutor’s true”, he moved to the capital from Lugansk to BMW “coupe” worth 90 thousand dollars. The media got a photo of him with the handle at the cost of 1.5 thousand dollars. From the hands of Poroshenko President Greyhounds received the medal “For work and valor”. Decree of the Minister of Defence (at that time held the post Poltorak – Ed.) Was awarded the arms TT pistol.

The information was taken from: https://ord-ua.com/2017/01/18/voennaya-prokuratura-pogryazla-v-gigantskih-korruptsionnyih-skandalah/