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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

“Prezik and Narik”. Social networks are discussing the information “Countries” on the relationship of the CCA and the criminal world

Слева направо: Петровский и Арутюнян. Фото

Yesterday, “Country” noticed interesting personalities in the service of the newly established Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PCU) in Dnipro. Next to Epiphanius and Petro Poroshenko were businessmen with ambiguous reputation – Alexander Petrovsky and Emil Harutyunyan (with glasses).

In the media, Petrovsky (also known as Nalekreshvili) was called a criminal authority nicknamed “Narik” – however, he denies his affiliation to the criminal world. Emil Harutyunyan (“Emil”) is also considered to be a “respected” businessman close to Petrovsky.

Vozre “Narik” generally grouped people who perform the role of obstetricians at the birth of a new church.

As the first country reported last week, Petrovsky’s “right hand” —Bogdan Gulyamov, head of his foundation and rector of the Romankov church in Koncha-Zaspa — served the first service of the Constantinople Patriarchate in St. Andrew’s Kiev church.

According to the “Country” information, Gulyamov and Petrovsky have long been acquainted with one of the main “initiators” of the PTSU, the former metropolitan of the UOC MP Alexander Drabinko. According to our data, in 2013, it was Gulyamov and Petrovsky who were able to help him get out of the dark history about the abduction of nuns.

In recent years, according to our sources in church circles, Gulyamov, Petrovsky and the People’s Deputy from BPP Pavelko (his son is married to the daughter of Petrovsky) played an extremely active role in the creation of the CCA. First of all – on the financial support of the process.

More information about the role of criminals in the birth of a new church can be found in Olesya Medvedeva’s blog, The Fellowship and the Church of Petro Poroshenko.


Such an attentive attitude to the CCP from people with a “reputable” reputation did not go unnoticed by social networks.

“Next to Pyotr Alekseevich, the authoritative person is“ Narik ”, and next to the authoritative person“ Narik ”is an authoritative person“ Emil “. All the believers involved in the creation of the church association are now assembled. Even the early Kuchma didn’t drench this” Shary

“At church events on Tomos Poroshenko invited well-known criminal authorities. Apparently not enough support.

On the left in the photo you can see the glasses of the Dnieper plowman Alexander Petrovsky (Nalekreshvili), who is popularly called Alik Narek. It was his daughter who recently married the son of the Budget Committee Andrei Pavelko.

On account of this man the blood of innocent people, raiding and organizing the mass of minor crimes. This man by Poroshenko’s decision entered his closest circle of friends. On Bankova, the thief is now sitting on a thief and a thief chases, “- wrote the people’s deputy Vitaly Kupriy.

“The first joint prayer of Metropolitan Epiphanius and President Poroshenko took place in the Dnieper. But the president and the metropolitan did not pray alone.

Unfortunately, the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko could not take part in the trip, otherwise he would have identified the man to the left of the Metropolitan, who snuck so close that he was one of the main participants in this crucial event.

“Petrovsky, known in certain circles as“ Narik ”, was based on the materials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as the leader of an organized criminal group. The peak of activity of this organized criminal group fell on the period 2000-2004. In 2005, he left the territory of Ukraine, a number of members of his group were detained, and the group itself was actually crushed. ” – said Yuriy Lutsenko, January 14, 2011.

Yes, next to Poroshenko and Epiphanius in the photo, according to the current Attorney General, that same “leader of an organized criminal group” – Alexander Petrovsky.

And to the left of Petrovsky in dark glasses is the “authority” nicknamed “Emil”, his right hand.

By the way, Alexander Petrovsky’s mother, Oksana Petrovskaya, who was the director of a number of companies created by her son, became director of the Dnipro Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after Shevchenko in 2016, and yesterday the theater was awarded the status of “national” by the president of Ukraine, – informs journalist Yury Butusov.

“Prezik and Narik,” journalist Leonid Shvets briefly comments on the photo.

“A solid Lord for respectable gentlemen,” political analyst Sergei Belashko sneers.

Information taken from: https://strana.ua/news/177122-pochemu-na-sluzhbe-ptsu-pojavilis-avtoritety-iz-dnepra-reaktsija-sotssetej.html