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Prosecutor General Lutsenko was laughed at for fake news about arrested 100 thousand tons of cloth

The statement of the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko about 100 thousand tons of fabric allegedly found on the Odessa market is a fake. This is written by a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Ukrainian Businessmen (SOF) Alexander Sokolovsky.

“Some very important figures, voiced by the Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko at the briefing and even exhibited on the GPU’s website, aroused my perplexity. I quote: “On the territory of the Odessa market” 7 km “law enforcers found 100 thousand tons of unaccounted cloth for $ 150 million”
In addition, the briefing said that this fabric was stored in 315 containers, but in an incomprehensible way out of 37 containers with the arrested goods the fabric disappeared from the responsible storage and this fact is being investigated. Something is wrong with the arithmetic of those who prepare the information for the Prosecutor General. 100 thousand tons of fabric – this, for a minute, 5000 full of huge 20-ton waggons or as many of the largest 40-foot standard containers! Which does not decompose in the sounded 315 containers. And such a quantity of fabric will not be recycled by all domestic sewing factories put together in a few years! At the same time, information went to all the news sites, TV and official reports on the work done. But we have beautiful figures or real results, “Sokolovsky said.

The branch association Ukrlegprom confirmed that 100,000 tons of fabric is an absolutely unrealistic figure.

“It’s hard to imagine that someone brought such an incredible amount of tissue and left it for storage. It has nowhere to put in such a huge amount, “- explained in the association.

Entrepreneurs of the market “7 km”, with whom they managed to communicate, to the question about a hundred thousand tons of illegal cloth twist a finger at his temple.

“Tax police came and seized several dozen tons of cloth (according to official figures about 100 tons) of those containers that seem to have been stolen from the Odessa customs. On many containers with the goods are checks – somewhere there were no owners, then the owners appeared and presented the documents. Somewhere, there really was no documents. But one hundred thousand tons is nonsense. They are smoking something in the prosecutor’s office, if such tales are told in earnest, “one of the traders said.

As reported, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that law enforcement officers found unaccounted goods for $ 150 million on the territory of the Odessa market “7 km”.

“It was found unrecorded, without documents, goods for $ 150 million, which are stored in 315, if not memory, warehouses” 7 kilometers “of the Odessa region,” said the Prosecutor General.

According to him, it is about 100 thousand tons of cloth, which do not have documents on the origin of customs clearance. The total cost is approximately $ 150 million.

The information is taken from: http://www.bagnet.org/news/society/374255/genprokurora-lutsenko-vysmeyali-za-feykovuyu-novost-ob-arestovannyh-100-tysyachah-tonn-tkani