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Prosecutors Matios hide, where did the $30 thousand bribe customs Sakala

The military Prosecutor of the Western region refused to provide information, where did the $30 million bribe, who gave a former Deputy head of Lviv customs office Vladimir, shock military Prosecutor. The same Prosecutor’s office remained silent, under any circumstances Shokalo changed the accusation, report “Our money. Lions.”
Vladimir Sakala detained March 17, 2017, when he gave a bribe of $40 thousand military Prosecutor of the garrison of Lviv Vladislav Savintsy for closure of criminal proceedings on the revealed facts of monthly requisitions from subordinates.
However, in the sentence of August 28, according to which the Deputy customs was sentenced to a fine of 8500 UAH, provided that the size of a bribe has reached $10 thousand not reported In the paper, how the amount has decreased in 4 times.
It is known that Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on the day of arrest Sakala reported at himself on the page in Facebook that the customs officer handed $40 thousand bribes. Similarly, in the March decision in this case also featured a $40 thousand and $10 thousand in addition, it is a bribe indicated in its press release, the military Prosecutor of the Western region.
September 7 “Our money. Lions” addressed the press service of the military Prosecutor for a review of the circumstances of such a reduction a bribe, however they refused to provide information verbally and told to write a query.
However not helped by written request. After weeks of waiting we received a formal reply, in which the Prosecutor did not explain the disappearance of $30 thousand
On 14 September we went again with a letter about the receipt of oral comment from the leadership of the Prosecutor or the Prosecutor who supported the state prosecution in court. As of 18 September, the prosecution did not bother to explain anything.
Press Secretary of the Prosecutor’s office just stopped to pick up the phone. And the first Deputy military Prosecutor of the Western region Yevgeny Belousov in a telephone conversation with the journalist of “NG. Lions” persistently repeated several times, that the Prosecutor’s office gave a written response to the request, and then generally said that hard of hearing and hung up. On the second call he did not answer.
Finally, on Monday, September 18, the journalist of “NG. Lions” got a call at 15:30 to the head of the Secretariat of the military Prosecutor of the Western region Andrew model guaranteed to find out, finally, considered the Prosecutor’s appeal. He promised to tell you about this in 40 minutes, but at the time and even later tubes in the Secretariat, no one took.
In addition to the amount of the bribe has also changed the article of the criminal code. The court found Vladimir Sakala guilty of committing crimes under part 1 of article 369-2 of the criminal code (giving undue advantage to a service person for influence on decision-making by a person authorized to perform state functions), which allows lenient punishment to a fine. On the contrary, the suspicion on Commission of crime it was announced in another article – part 3. 369 of the criminal code of Ukraine (giving undue advantage to a service person who holds responsible position) which provides punishment only in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term of 4 to 8 years.
The only new information we received on request from the Prosecutor’s office is that they will challenge “the softness of the punishment and the correct qualification of the act in question”. For appeal against sentence is 30 days.
Socala the matter was considered by the Chairman Sihovsky district court Sergey Lesnoy, who is on vacation, and the court refused to grant comments in his absence.
I should add that on August 28 in Sihovsky district court, which sentenced Shokalo competed Prosecutor Vasily Shimko and defender Taras Sambor. This pair was found in another case. In 2016, Basil Shimko was represented the state prosecution at the trial against Alexander Ostapets, the Director of GP “Lviv armored plant”, who was tried for negligence and embezzlement and appropriation of property. The defender played Taras Sambor. In the end, the court acquitted the Ostapets one of the articles of charges and convicted on another, having appointed it punishment in the form of imprisonment for 5 years with a probation period of 3 years and fine – 11,9 thousand UAH.

Information taken from:  http://nashigroshi.org/2017/09/19/prokurory-matiosa-pryhovuyut-te-kudy-znyklo-30-tysyach-habara-mytnyka-shokala/