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Public organization
"Central Anticorruption Committee"

SBU held a custom meeting under the building of anti-corruption Shabunin

Special services officers are engaged in harassment of public activists who publicly criticize them.

The Security Service of Ukraine organized a custom meeting under the house of the head of the NGO “Center for Counteracting Corruption” Vitaly Shabunin.

This is written by Radio Liberty.

The action of employees of the special service near the anti-corruption house was conducted through a demonstration demanding that the SBU officials show their declarations, organized by Shabunin.

The journalists managed to find out about the custom character of the rally thanks to the leader of “Automeidan” Alexei Gritsenko, who asked the SBU for a drone to make a video, allegedly about some separatist.

Avtomaydanovets Oleg Pushak, who was asked to shoot video from the drone, said that the whole process from the beginning to the end was held under the leadership of the SBU. He noted that he was shooting the action under the clear guidance of the head of the Department of National Security of the SBU Roman Matkovsky.

In addition, journalists managed to graphically reproduce the preparation and conduct of the action thanks to the smartphone of the activist, who remembered the route of his movement. According to him, the start of the operation began under the building of the SBU.

Also, Pushak said that the security forces did not even take a video from him, which showed a rally near Shabunin’s house.

As a result of the investigation it became known that the operation was supervised by the aforementioned Matkovsky. When asked by journalists whether SBU employees actually participated in the action under the Shabunin building, Matkovsky said that it was a working out of a custom stock.

Recall Shabunin said that the SBU near his house held a paid share.

Information taken from: http://ua1.com.ua/rus/politics/sbu-provela-zakaznoy-miting-pod-zdaniem-antikorrupcionera-shabunina-29960.html