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SBU roof trade with the occupied Donbass – Yegor Sobolev

The bill on recognition of the occupied territories and occupied about stopping the trade with them was developed in early 2015.

As the Censor.NO, the TV channel NewsOne, said MP from the faction “Samopomich” Yegor Sobolev.

“Most of our colleagues in Parliament have ignored the problem, ignored this “trade in blood” and at some point, the veterans of the war for independence said,”Look, we can see what you have in the Parliament can not get through. We will help you, we will come to the rails, we will start to stop echelon after echelon,” explained the politician.
According to him, he was on the railroad Bakhmut-Horlivka the day before it was blocked by the veterans of the ATO. “I was on the railroad Bakhmut-Gorlovka (Horlivka, occupied) the day before it was blocked veterans. I saw dozens, hundreds, then we counted 305 loaded wagons were held the day before the lock on this line,” – said the MP.

Sobolev added that the same day there were heavy shelling of the Town, which is located in 20 km to the right of the road. “This is my question, the question many veterans of the war for independence: When the war is over, if the country’s leadership earns her? If the security of her roof if we have a chance to stop this war? If the whole society is struggling, dies, and a small portion of people has supergood?

There (in the occupied territories of Donbass, – editor) charcoal 400-600 UAH worth, here Rinat Akhmetov sells to anyone who turns on the light that is produced at its power stations, at a price of 1800 UAH. Adopted absolutely fraudulent formula that all coal purchased in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. In fact, it is purchased in “LNB” and “DND”,” – said the politician.

According to Sobolev, it turns out that the part of the government and the security Service of Ukraine, this war is very profitable.

The information was taken from: http://ua.censor.net.ua/news/427305/sbu_kryshuye_torgivlyu_z_okupovanym_donbasom_yegor_sobolyev