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SBU traded state secrets?

Not so long ago “Nashі Groshі” published a little investigation, which told how a gentleman Alexander Polkovnichenko, now retired, and in the recent past, the head of several regional offices of the SBU, privatized three service apartments in Kiev, Kharkiv and Sumy. A miracle happened, and in these cases even criminal proceedings were opened in 2013. But suddenly in March 2016 the senior investigator of the military prosecutor’s office of the central region closed the criminal proceedings due to “lack of evidence”.
It turns out that does not need SBU three service apartments, no one to live in them, you can pick up. Military prosecutors Matios not against, the Pechersk court, too.
As if banal story. Alas. It is noteworthy that this is the Polkovnichenko, who in 2015 with his son Dmitri, acting SBU officer, pulled out of the car right on the roadway activist “automaidan Kiev” and together beat him (fortunately not much, there were people around, and Roman – not a fragile man).

At the same time it is very top bravo identity boasted employee of the SBU. Fortunately there is a chat-line, so the people on the scene very quickly drove up, and the police (yes, that old police) arrived within minutes.
However, with the arrival of law enforcement identity vanished. The family Polkovnichenko escape failed and more than 12-hour epic with the investigative actions on the ground, the arrival of the inside of the SBU security service, public apology Valentin Nalyvaychenko, media coverage has ended still opening of criminal proceedings for hooliganism committed by a group of persons, as well as an official investigation and the removal from service Polkovnichenko Bush.

Moreover, according to the results of its internal investigation were fired, but at this point there was a change management of the SBU, and the guys used the “shift change”. Criminal proceedings, which opened the police, took himself military prosecutor’s office and subsequently closed.
But these seemingly banal things – is nonsense. Was it possible to think that Matios behave differently with his former boss. Yeah, yeah. This is such a coincidence. Everyone’s favorite Anatoly Matios in 2009-2010 served as first deputy chief of the SBU management “K” in Kiev, but at the same time, Alexander Polkovnichenko was chief of the Office of the SBU in Kiev and the region. A year earlier, he was on the post of the first deputy Chief of the Security Service of Ukraine “K”.
Polkovnichenko Sr. still enjoys official identification of the SBU, “resolve issues” so to speak, well, at the same time a little bit intimidating entrepreneurs its crust and imaginary powers. It seems the assistant conman Basil Gritsak, then Boris Lozhkina (while serving head of power), and at times of Peter Poroshenko. In case of problems it says that Anatoly Matios it will cover. For more interesting, time-consuming and important money matters – into the scheme comes Polkovnichenko younger.
Here it is becoming no laughing matter. There is evidence that the most labor-intensive family case Polkovnichenko – trade information, which contains state secret and is of interest to commercial structures or to the Russian security services.
In a country at war colleague and fellow chief military prosecutor haggling state secret, selling vital information to the enemy. The scheme is simple: Polkovnichenko Jr., acting SBU, this information produces, using its status as a detective and counterintelligence SBU access to databases, and Polkovnichenko senior, being retired, but with the certificate, the goods are sold.

With that counterparties had variety, the contacts he has settled down with his service time in the Red Banner Kremlin Regiment 9th Directorate of the KGB. Among them – and senior officials of the Federal Service of the Russian Federation Guard and the Russian diplomatic missions in Ukraine, employees, and of course, people from the FSB leadership.
Separate sympathy experience and excellent “business” relationship support gentlemen Polkovnichenko with Lozovsky Cossack hundred “Grand Don Army”, to cancel such Kharkov separatists and lovers of the “Russian world”.
These are the comrades from Mr. Matios. Not for nothing he closes the criminal proceedings on them – and helpful people with a high “roof”. But the problem of such protection is that the roof is leaking rapidly gives, if it smells of fried. A fried in our country starts to smell only when something becomes public.
PS: while this article was written, Yuriy Lutsenko in the air has signed a suspicion of fraud with the privatization of the service apartments Head of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, which has prepared a specialized anti-corruption prosecutors. I wonder Office Nazar Holodnitskogo and Anatoly Matios from different countries with different laws, or is it just different worlds within the same General Prosecutor’s Office?

The information was taken from: https://ord-ua.com/2016/12/15/sotrudniki-sbu-torguyut-gosudarstvennoj-tajnoj/