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Schemes showed the expensive fleet of security officers of the Security Service.

Journalists of the “Schemes” program in the yesterday’s issue of the program told about the “wonderful” vehicle fleet of the Security Service of Ukraine. A journalistic investigation showed that the cost of cars of employees of the Main Directorate of Counterintelligence Protection of the State’s Interests in the Sphere of Economic Security of the SBU does not correspond to the level of their incomes.

“Among the cars that can be constantly seen near the office – Volkswagen Tuuareg worth about $ 50 thousand,” the report says.

According to sources of the program, the driver of the Volkswagen Tuuareg costume Dmitry Bezzubenko is one of the deputy heads of the department.

“The Security Service has classified the income and property declarations of its entire membership, including the leadership,” journalists say.

When the camera crew visited the parking lot for the first time, the security guard went out and forbade shooting: “I again ask you not to remove any faces or cars.”

But after remarking that the filming takes place in a public place, he replied: “I understand, yes.”

The shooting was conducted openly. “There was a spectacular ride on a Honda VFR motorcycle for $ 20 thousand. Also, journalists recorded a strange exchange of a metal detector for a gas bottle,” the journalists noted.

For several days the camera recorded how Lexus calls into the parking lot every morning, and his driver comes into control.

At the same time, he asked journalists to contact the press center with questions.

Another man who rides a BMW worth about $ 60 thousand film crew saw the program near the office several times – early in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

“One day he was in a good mood in the company of another brought in the building several packages with products,” – noted in the message.

May 16, a man on Acura with an estimated cost of $ 25 thousand parked and enters the building. The next day he arrives and drives his colleagues. They wait a little, greet others and enter the building of the administration.

According to the sources of the “Schemes” program, this car was registered for Tatyana Krysko, registered in the occupied Crimea.

The car she bought in 2015 and entered into use 32-year-old Vitaly Krysko.

“In the Russian media there is a mention of Roman Krysko, who is registered at the same address as Vitaly Grigoychyk Krysko. And he serves in the SBU, “the report says.


By the way, last night the editorial board of the “Schemes” program published a statement that the Security Service of Ukraine presses on the program’s employees to prevent the program from going on air.

“One and a half hours before the broadcast, when the release was completely assembled and it was technically impossible to make any changes, Radio Liberty received a letter signed by the head of the department for interaction with the media, Elena Gitlyanskaya, with a hint of criminal responsibility in the event of the airing of the story,” it says. statement.

As the journalists note, the prepared plot concerns the elite fleet of employees of the Main Directorate of Counterintelligence Protection of the State’s Interests in the Sphere of Economic Security of the Security Service of Ukraine.

“The cost of cars for employees of this management ranges from 30 to 80 thousand dollars. Salary from the budget – from 8 to 30 thousand hryvnia “, – said in a statement of the program’s editor-in-chief Natalia Sedletskaya.

“We informed the SBU about our observations in advance a week before the broadcast to receive comments. But, at the last moment before the broadcast received a letter-threat. What is it – if not abusing the notion of the secrecy of its employees, information about which has already been met in the media and public documents that can be met daily in a public place near the SBU? And is not this done to try to hide the dubious way of earning them from the point of view of the law? “- she wrote.

Sedletskaya noted that the program will always be aired on the TV channel “UA: First” on June 1 at 19:55.

The editors recalled that this is the second time that the Security Service of Ukraine is putting pressure on the investigation program of the “Scheme”. In October 2015, the editorial board of the program was preparing material on an expensive fleet of workers of the SBU and received a similar letter a few hours before the airwaves, when the program was already on the channel.

The information is taken from: https://www.economics-prorok.com/2017/06/chemes- showed the most expensive autopark-so.html