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“Detected” SBU arsenal of weapons in Zaporozhye was a warehouse of unsuitable ammunition, which did not have time to dispose of – volunteer Reshetilov
The weapons that the Security Service found in the hangar in the village of Shirokoe, Zaporozhye region, belong to the former 37th battalion of territorial defense.

As informs Цззор.НЕТ, on it on the page in Facebook the volunteer and the coordinator of the project “Media initiative for human rights” Olga Reshetilova has written.

“Yesterday, the gallant Zaporozhye SBU published a shocking video. Near Zaporozhye, in the front-line region (!) Found a huge warehouse of weapons. Arsenal from MANPADS to smoke bombs, “she wrote.

“The arsenal of mysterious weapons was” found “in the village of Shirokoe in the hangars of the former training center for flight training them. Pokryshkina. This territory in 2014 by the decision of the Zaporizhzhya Oblast Administration of Defense was transferred to the use of 37th battalion of territorial defense, in the same year the soldiers brought here unsuitable ammunition for use, which they had been issued at the rocket and artillery arsenal and were on the balance of the battalion. In 2015, unsuitable ammunition was discovered during a planned inspection of the military unit by a commission, which included representatives of the GSP, the military prosecutor’s office and the SBU. The commission drafted an act for recycling, and sealed the ammunition. Since that time, the sealed ammunition is still in Shirok, and despite the numerous requests of the battalion command, they were not in a hurry to utilize them. The existence of the ammunition, which is subject to disposal, knew all the law enforcement agencies in the Zaporozhye region – from the military registration and enlistment office to the SBU, “Reshetilova stressed.

“The territory of the training center has not been allocated to the permanent use of the 37th battalion. On 442 hectares of territory in the Regional State Administration their plans. Now the battalion is part of 56 brigades and moves to the point of permanent deployment in the Donetsk region, and according to this transfers property. Among the still not transported was a non-recycled ammunition, near which 37 bats were guarded from among the personnel. But yesterday morning the police of Zaporozhye allegedly received a report about illegal weapons on the territory of the hangars in Shirok. And then you already know, “- said the coordinator of the project” Media Initiative for Human Rights.

“Sometimes it’s hard to believe that people are such idiots, and so it comes to mind that they do it deliberately. I do not even know what’s worse. Thank you for the wonderful weekend of our power structures. As a man who tracks, among other things, the turnover of weapons among illegal paramilitary groups, it was very interesting to see what the law enforcers are actually doing, “Reshetilova said.

Information taken from: https://ord-ua.com/2017/03/19/pokazuha-ot-sbu/