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“Something you are confusing”: SBU employees are running away from answering the question about wages and cars

Workers of security with a monthly salary of 5-6 thousand UAH, do not want to say where they have cars for tens of thousands of dollars

The well-known Ukrainian journalist Mikhail Tkach, who specializes in investigating the facts of corruption in the state authorities, decided to find out from people who are supposedly working in the Security Service of Ukraine how much to work in the special service to buy an expensive car. The corresponding video is published on the website “Crimea. Reality”.

The record shows that Tkach approached people who came to the building of the SBU in Kiev and the Kiev region on expensive foreign cars, asking questions about salaries.

At the same time, some were running away from the answer, some said they did not work in the SBU. Also there were those who do not know how much to work in the SBU to buy an elite car.

Previously, journalists showed on what luxury cars the relatives of security officers travel.

Information is taken from: https://styler.rbc.ua/rus/zhizn/chto-to-putaete-sotrudniki-sbu-ubegayut-otveta-1453147043.html