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The co-owner of the OKKO gas station network told how his office is being terrorized by the SBU

The beneficiary of the Galnaftogaz concern (a network of filling stations under the OKKO brand) Vitaly Antonov confirmed the searches of the SBU in the company’s offices in Lviv and Kiev. This is stated in a message published on his Facebook page.

Later, at a press conference, he said that the brand does not work in the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk region and does not cooperate with the separatists of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Republic of Germany. This is what caused the searches in the concern.

This is reported by Liga.Net.

He also noted that the remaining refueling OKKO in the annexed Crimea were leased and now Galnaftogaz does not manage them.

“Yesterday and this morning, almost a day, the SBU is blocking our offices in Lviv and Kiev to find evidence of our work in the occupied territories. Perhaps such an idea to break through to the enterprises arises in the siloviki because of the promotion of our “breakthrough ideas” as a marketing strategy. But to horrify OKKO and similar system companies for far-fetched reasons is an extremely bad idea, “he said.

Earlier sources said that the Security Service officers conducted searches in two offices of Galnaftogaz with the seizure of documents and equipment. It was reported that the concern is suspected of financing terrorism.

In 2017, information appeared that the OKKO gas station network continues to operate in the annexed Crimea. According to the published information of the founder of the Agency of Journalistic Investigations “Resonance” Konstantin Biltsan, on the territory of the peninsula of the gas station accepted Russian rubles for payment.

As he noted, these fuel stations operated loyalty cards of the network, issued in the mainland Ukraine. The concern then said that OKKO filling stations in the Crimea were leased, but the right to use the brand was not provided to the lessee.

Information taken from: https://informator.news/sovladelets-sety-zapravok-okko-rasskazal-kak-eho-kontoru-terroryzyruet-sbu/