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The court fined 5,000 taxes, which for a bribe promised the entrepreneur to reduce taxes from 7,000,000 to 20,000

The court fined for 5100 UAH. Head of the Department of Taxes and Fees for Physical Persons of the New Ukrainian Fire Department of the Main Department of the DFS in the Kirovograd Region Svetlana Grinchenko, who for a bribe promised the private entrepreneur to influence his boss so that he reduced the amount of the additional taxes paid along with the penalties.
This is evidenced by the verdict of the Novoukrainsky District Court of the Kirovograd Region on February 9.
In 2016, Svetlana Grinchenko informed the entrepreneur that she had conducted a planned inspection of business activities and identified violations of tax legislation. In particular, tax evasion. According to preliminary estimates, the amount of additional taxes along with the penalties amounted to approximately UAH 7 million.
Grinchenko promised the entrepreneur to influence the chief of the Novoukrainsky LIGHTS, with whom she had friendly relations and acted with a yogi in the initiative, that he reduce the amount of payment of additional taxes along with penalties to the amount of approximately 20 thousand UAH. But for this entrepreneur, engaged in trade in food, should provide 100 thousand UAH. Undue benefits. During communication, the size of the bribe was reduced to 80 thousand UAH.
Later, law enforcers detained Grinchenko when she received 80 thousand UAH allocated for her boss through an intermediary.
The court qualified the actions of the Head of the Department of Taxes and Charges from Physical Persons as a promise for giving improper benefit to a third party to influence the decision-making by a person authorized to perform state functions (Part 1, Article 369-2).
Grinchenko concluded an agreement with the prosecutor on recognizing the guilt and was sentenced to a fine of 5100 thousand UAH.

The information was taken from: http://nashigroshi.org/2017/02/21/sud-oshtrafuvav-na-5-tysyach-podatkivku-yaka-za-habar-obitsyala-pidpryjemtsyu-znyzyty-podatky-z-7-miljoniv-do-20-tysyach/