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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

The head of the SBU advised Groisman to abandon the international procurement of medicines, merging the case against “Lyudmila Farm”

The chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasily Hrytsak, advised Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman “to review the mechanisms of procurement of medicines for public funds.” This letter was published by the “Center for Combating Corruption” in “Economic Truth”.

The SBU chairman sent a letter to Groisman in July 2016, after the head of government supported the purchase of medicines through international organizations. Gritsak made a number of claims, including one of the organizations – the British agency “Crown Agents” – bought 71 medicines at higher prices than expected.
“However, the representatives of the SBU compared the hryvnia cost of drugs, and not the price in dollars, although 94% of drugs oncology that purchases Ukraine – foreign production and they are traditionally bought for currency. If we compare the prices of 2014-2015 in dollars, and not in UAH, then it turns out that 84% of drugs purchased at lower prices than the Ministry of Health bought in 2014. Savings are about 35%, but its Security Service does not see, “- indicates the CCP.
The activists also published a letter to the Ministry of Health of June 8, 2016, from the ward of Gritsak, the head of the Main Directorate of Counterintelligence Protection of the State’s Interests in the Sphere of Economic Security, Sergei Semochko.

The counterintelligence agent hinted that the new drugs that they listed would be presented by a single manufacturer. “However, this is not true. According to the register of wholesale prices, which is in the public domain, the opposite is true: medicines mentioned by the SBU, represented by at least a few, and sometimes – by ten producers, “the CPC reports.
Recall, the same Semochko interferes in the purchase of materials for dialysis costing a quarter of a billion hryvnia a year. This is evidenced by the documents promulgated by “Our Money”. One can see from them that the SBU is playing in a competitive war on the side of one of the producers to increase the share in state tenders.

In turn, law enforcement officers in the summer of 2016 closed the case after Maidan against Ludmila Farm

LLC. This firm was the largest contractor of the Ministry of Health in the days of Yanukovych and the SBU suspected it of a billion-dollar overstatement of prices for drugs under the scheme with “credit notes.” However, later the case was transferred to the Goloseevskiy Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyiv, where it was closed for lack of staff and the events of the crime.
Recall that in 2015 Ukraine invited international structures to hold tenders for the purchase of drugs instead of the tender committee of the Ministry of Health. The “Center for Combating Corruption”, together with patient organizations, listed the prices of each drug purchased by international organizations in 2015. The total savings amounted to 620 million UAH. International companies managed to buy some drugs 22 times cheaper than the Ministry bought in the previous year.

The information was taken from: http://nashigroshi.org/2017/03/24/holova-sbu-poradyv-hrojsmanu-vidmovytys-vid-mizhnarodnyh-zakupivel-likiv-zlyvshy-spravu-proty-lyudmyly-farm/