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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

The increase in salaries and personnel instability sharply increased prices for bribery among law enforcement agencies

В Украине вырос средний размер взятки, kavkazplus.comDespite the fact that Ukraine over the past two years introduced several anti-corruption agencies, which from time to time report on high-profile cases to expose bribes, the average bribe system in law enforcement, over the last two years has increased markedly.

Thus, the fight against corruption (which is conducted mainly by provoking bribes) for people who do not fit in the vertical corruption tied to the leadership of force structures. Thus, the authorities are fighting not under their control, “non-systemic corruption.”

“This practice was during the late Yanukovych, when the Family tried to discipline law enforcement, tying all the schemes themselves, – said the employee of the Prosecutor General with a great experience. – After the Maidan vertical collapsed and began Makhnovshchina, when everyone took from someone wants and how he wants. Now the authorities want to put in this order, to take in the order of, reversing the “small share” up like in the good old days. But it turns with difficulty, since “above” the mess and agreements are not respected. Because all continue to take bribes, only dramatically increasing prices due to the instability and misunderstanding, how many more people will remain on the post. If, immediately after independence and the devaluation of the hryvnia prices plummeted, now they’re back to pre-crisis levels, and in some positions, and exceeded it.”

The nuances of corruption in the power structures at the present stage to understand “Country”.

“I can’t stole, how much are you asking!”

According to the Kiev police investigator for particularly important cases, police Lieutenant Colonel Victor M. corruption law enforcement agencies in different structures vary, depending on whether or not the Agency decides the fate of the defendants.

“There are several levels of corruption. The highest rates – at the level of the Prosecutor General and the courts. In the Metropolitan courts, the average rate depend on the greed of the judges themselves. For example, a theft in one of the courts recently “estimated” 20 thousand dollars. It was found and returned to the owner. In another court case was heard in two episodes of thefts. The man – the second conviction. For probation, the judge requested 15 thousand. But put a condition, like pay themselves closed the cases in the Prosecutor’s office and amends the patient (victim – Approx.Ed.). The Prosecutor’s office, the judges are not far behind. Climb all the holes, to delve into materials that did not previously exist. And they themselves talk on the subject of bribes from lawyers. For example in the same case – the thefts, the Prosecutor asked for 8 Grand. This is in addition to the judges a bribe in 15 thousand! My prisoner, a thief for this reason, they say, the thefts are not so much made as they please… But this is true of criminal cases. Economic issues in the courts is the numbers in tens times more. There for a positive decision in favour of the person concerned may request from the million and above, depending on the value of the disputed object or issue”.

In the province of tariffs below

The only taboo, according to the investigator, most of the investigators and prosecutors are “destructive” cases where it appears dead. Supposedly, the corpses of the “veterans” of the investigation “do not sell”. However, apparently, this apparently refers only to the 115th article of the criminal code – premeditated murder. Criminal proceedings against an accident in which a man was killed – judging by the number of overextended and frankly flushed trials, when the culprit is loose on the loose, this “tradition” is obviously not concerned. Suffice it to recall the case of the inhabitant of Odessa Felix Petrosian, who in 2008 ran in the car in a drunken state.

In areas the size of bribes is smaller but not by much. For example, in Odessa and Nikolaev judge asking for a “conditional” sentence at most “working” for professional thieves article UK – 185 (theft), a third less than the capital, the servants of Themis.

Police prices are rising along with the salary

I wonder what the police though considerably behind in the corruption queries from prosecutors and judges, but, in fact, picks up what has not yet managed to raise prosecutors and judges. And prices there also increased.

“Opera is much more modest, but if before trading on the material or on the search, could ask “how many is with him,” but now prices on average from 2 to 3 thousand dollars. The result is more brazen. For example, a trivial case on possession or sale of small quantities of drugs – cessation of criminal proceedings costs from 3 to 5 thousand dollars. The size of the bribe often depends on the situation. For example, whether documented sales, what drug, quantity, and so forth, and the client’s solvency,” – continues the story the same Kiev investigator Victor M.

At the same time, the police complain that more is the division between “white bone” (relatives or proteges of influential people), which is allowed to engage in corruption and all the other composition, which is trying to “train” not to take a bribe constant checks and provocation bribes. “Probably trying to organize the system to take only those who should,” says Metropolitan detective Dmitry O.


The sources of the “Country” in the criminal world confirm that the prices of the police has increased, but attributed this to the growth of salaries from the police. “If used for a small job you could pay off the province for $ 100, right now police say their salary was $ 400, so the amount is less than $ 500 they do not even consider,” he told us previously convicted for stealing a resident of one of the Central Ukrainian regions.

By the way, long-standing corruption, the disease of the “old militia” recently clearly spread to new patrol police. While they operate with fairly large sums.

“The patrol is now also possible to resolve the issues. For example, two months ago I was stopped on the road patrol. As luck would have it, I was “under the weather”, reeked of stale. One of the patrol, which has a video camera on his chest, turned away. And I was taken to the other side and offered to “work out”, they say – or taking the car to the garage and deprivation. Or – $ 800. He explains allusions, showing the tablet on the screen was the figure of 800. Also on the screen of the tablet was written, they say, the issue is resolved on the spot, if there is no money, then draw up a Protocol. The patrol was clearly afraid that I will call. Having estimated the pros and cons, we prefer to give money, the blessing was with him,” – said from Kiev Igor Vasilyevich.

Take the uncertainty

One of the reasons that corruption flourishes despite the big words about the struggle with her own security forces is called the lack of stability and certainty for law enforcement officers.

“Rowing all in the last RA. Positions in all offices in the capital and in the regions, hang out very often. There is no certainty that if you were appointed to some post of bread, then you sit on it long enough. There will come a new administration and you will be removed from their homes. How much would you pay for the position of the former authorities. Early work in the police, the courts and prosecutors were like serious business by the rules – you pay for position a certain amount, and then beat it a year, two, three. And then work for yourself. So take it with people, “godly”, on the basis of their financial position. Now this is no. Appointed to the position of the need to quickly recoup the investment. Moreover, there are persistent rumors of an impending reduction of posts. Some colonels are already working on major positions, and the colonels and majors – captain. And some of these posts didn’t get offered almost on a Lieutenant’s position to go to ground in regional departments”, – says the employee of the interior Ministry Yuriy K.
Information taken from: https://strana.ua/articles/analysis/80246-chem-bolshe-v-ukraine-borcov-s-korrupciej-tem-vyshe-razmery-vzyatok.html