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The US Embassy did not like the reinstatement of Roman Nasirov

The US Embassy called the court’s decision to restore Roman Nasirov as head of the State Fiscal Service “an indicator of the imperfection of judicial and anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine.” This is stated in the message of the embassy on Twitter.

“If yesterday’s decision regarding Nasirov is, as reported, it would mean that Ukraine’s judicial and anti-corruption reforms are far from perfect,” it said.

The US Embassy emphasizes that the Ukrainian people deserve government officials who do not abuse their posts, as well as an effective, fair judicial system that can bring influential people to justice.

As reported by “Country”, the reinstated head of the State Fiscal Service, Nasirov, confirmed his intention to go for president. Also, “Country” wrote that human rights activists called the restoration of Nasirov in office by spitting at the image of Ukraine.

Information taken from: https://strana.ua/news/176191-v-ssha-vosstanovlenie-nasirova-v-dolzhnosti-svjazali-s-nesovershenstvom-reform-v-ukraine.html