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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

The young prosecutor for two years of work in Kiev grew up with three apartments, a house and a land

The 27-year-old military prosecutor of the Darnytsky garrison, justice major Nikolai Petrushin, several years ago, worked as an ordinary investigator for the Lviv prosecutor’s office to supervise the observance of laws in the military sphere with a salary of just over 80,000 hryvnas a year.

Молодий прокурор за два роки роботи в Києві обжився трьома квартирами, будинком та землею

According to the electronic declaration, Nikolai Stepanovich Petrushin did not declare any property or savings in 2013, the Center for Combating Corruption said.

Much better things the investigator went after moving to the capital and making arrangements for the Military Prosecutor’s Office of the Darnytsky Garrison of the Central Region of Ukraine.

In the declaration of 2015, Petrushin indicated 286,000 salaries and almost 20,000 material assistance, and another – his wife. She worked in the prosecutor’s office of the Kiev region and declared in 2015 75 000 hryvnia income.

Together for two spouses, he declared 300,000 hryvnia savings, two apartments (one for his mother-in-law and another for his wife), a 200-meter house and a land plot (all for his wife), an office (also for his wife) and two cars – Toyta Camry 2009 year of release and Mazda CX-7. Both are decorated with a prosecutor’s wife.

In the declaration for 2016 Nicholas Stepanovich had another, third, apartment, which he owns only partially – 20%, and the mother-in-law of the military prosecutor Kishchak Natalia Ivanovna – a brand new Nissan Qashqai 2016 release. What exactly is Petrishina’s mother-in-law doing now – unknown, but until 2009, according to the Uniform Register of Legal Entities, she was a self-employed person – engaged in retail trade from trays on the market.

Information taken from: https://antikor.com.ua/articles/216477-molodij_prokuror_za_dva_roki_roboti_v_kijevi_obhivsja_trjoma_kvartirami_budinkom_ta_zemleju