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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

They steal even in the Security Service. How Ukraine fights corruption

Journalistic investigation of the draft Scheme revealed signs of illegal enrichment of the head of the anti-corruption department of the SBU Pavel Demchiny.

According to the Ukrainian anti-corruption bureau, the country lost nearly $ 6 billion due to corruption. But it is very often impossible to return this money, or to punish the guilty. What prevents Ukraine in its fight against corruption and what are its prospects in this respect?

More than 30 billion dollars was exported to Russia by the former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich together with his entourage. But even those illegally acquired assets that remained in Ukraine and were arrested can be otsuzheny back, thanks to large-scale corruption among the authorities in Kiev. Such a statement was made by Verkhovna Rada deputy Sergey Leshchenko at the annual conference devoted to investigative journalism.

According to the MP, despite the creation of a special body of the arrested property management, it faces a lack of assistance, and sometimes – a direct sabotage on the part of the judiciary and the executive.

“There are many examples where the property of Yanukovich’s entourage remains at the disposal of corrupt officials, is being reformed. Starting from the Yanukovych helicopter landing .. “, – says Verkhovna Rada deputy Sergey Leshchenko.

Speech – an elite property in the center of Kiev. In August last year, the Ukrainian Court of Appeal decided to arrest this asset and transfer it to the state enterprise. Financing of infrastructure projects. But as the investigation has revealed to Radio Liberty and the First Channel of Ukraine, despite the court’s decision, the subject continued to manage and receive income from it, an offshore company owned by Viktor Yanukovych environment.

“We see a lot of bad things and, at the same time, do not see that they are being solved. Transparency is, there is no justice, “- says editor bigus.info Denis Bigus.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine also sees the root of the problem in the judicial system.

“If we talk honestly and openly, then we are not satisfied with the actions of the judges. Because when, for example, we put forward an accusation or official People’s Deputies and intercede before the court that he took away the passport so that he could not escape abroad, the court does not go forward. And within an hour the deputy leaves the territory of Ukraine “, – says the press secretary of the GPU Andrei Lysenko.

But there are questions to the investigating authorities. Thus, a journalistic investigation of the draft Scheme revealed signs of illegal enrichment of the head of the main anti-corruption department of the Security Service of Ukraine, Pavel Demchin. His officially poor relatives found themselves the owners of expensive mansions. To combat systemic corruption, international creditors of Ukraine insisted on the creation of a new independent body of investigation – the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. At the same time, the reform of the judiciary is being carried out.

“Today, for about half a year, there is a test of the professional activities of judges being tested. This applies to both the courts of first instance and the higher authorities. This is in the first place. Secondly, it is a set of judges and a change in the system of appointing judges, “says Andrei Lysenko.

In general, investigative journalists and authorities agree that, thanks to publicity, corruption has become less in Ukraine now.

“This has really changed since the revolution, when the media began to work actively, much more actively. To develop freedom of speech in Ukraine, investigations and other ways, tools of pressure on the authorities and state bodies, “says journalist Ianina Kornienko.

But the beginning of cardinal improvement can occur when a special Anti-Corruption Court starts functioning, which can punish not only criminals, but also judges themselves. President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko has already signed the corresponding law. Now it’s up to you to find the appropriate judges. They will be guarded and monitored.

Information taken from: http://belsat.eu/ru/programs/kradut-dazhe-v-sbu-kak-ukraina-voyuet-s-korruptsiej/