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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

Where did this reinforced battalion fight? More than 700 prosecutors received the status of participants in the ATO

700 prosecutors received the status of participants in hostilities !!!

And in general, you know, I somehow missed it in front-line reports:

“The battalion of the military prosecutor’s office. Matios released Lysychansk! ”

or, for example, “The Ukrainian reconnaissance group consisting of the GPU prosecutors destroyed two enemy tanks under Debaltseve — captured the Russian paratroopers under Ilovaisk — disarmed the militant leader Plotnitsky in Lugansk” (underline).

Matios and Lutsenko, you have recently become so many – do not want to comment on this?


Nikolay Kokhanovsky

I read in the tape, 700 prosecutors received the status of a combatant. To this, he has repeatedly seen with his own eyes how cops and golden eagles on the border of Donetsk and Sicheslavl Oblast receive UBD, shmonayuchy and receiving volunteers, volunteers and ZSushnikiv. I also know how workers of military registration and enlistment offices, tax, etc. they stand in line to call in a week “on a business trip” to Krasnoarmeyskaya, or, say, Kramatorsk, and immediately after the end of the business trip they make out a UBD. This “pilgrimage” to the Donetsk region began in May of last year, when the active phase of the ATO stopped. By the same sat in their military enlistment office, like a mouse.

Why am I … Today, the mother of one OUN volunteer called, who, without getting out of a severe injury, received last summer, went to Sands again. She very much asked to help him with receiving UBD and return home, “because he had not recovered at all, had a fragment in his lungs, coughs”. I promised to return home, although, knowing this Cossack, it will be extremely difficult. But UBD is today with the category of the almost impossible …

Let me explain: earlier volunteers were told in the military office: “Give at least some confirmation of your stay on the front lines from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard under or the SSU, and then we will issue you UBD”. Only the antiterrorist center at the SBU agreed to confirm the participation of the Volunteer OUN battalion of 47 soldiers in the ATO. And he provided these fighters with excerpts from orders to join the ATO. This is less than a third of OUN volunteers who are fighting and fighting, and we are grateful for that, hoping that the Cossacks will receive UBD.

Have not received. Because in the post-insurers they will declare that “an extract from the order from the Anti-Tactical Center is Kanechna, harasho, but you, volunteers, do not officially exist, therefore there is no mechanism for obtaining UBD for volunteers.”

So, now I understand why prosecutors hate volunteers so much and ruthlessly imprison them: not only did they not forgive us for the Maidan, so now we also claim to “their merits on the eastern front.”

But I believe – everything comes time to pay!

Information taken from: http://puer.org.ua/news/10742/