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"Central Anticorruption Committee"

Who covers smuggling in the Ministry of social security and despises volunteers?

About 1.8 kg of humanitarian clothing for each resident of Ukraine, including infants, have been imported into the territory of our country during the ATO! And 90 percent of This “humanitarian aid” similar to a pure smuggling that goes on the shelves.
Charity – the perfect smokescreen for tax avoidance and tax evasion. Thousands of tons of shell are deposited using, for example, at the 7 kilometer MARKET in Odessa. The profit of businessmen who have mastered this business, millions of dollars, which receives less budget. Where’s humanitarian aid and where Commerce decides that the ad hoc working group in the Ministry of social policy.
Recently, the volunteers, who were still holding our army, with the result that immigrants survive and suffer distress in the gray zone civilians, sounding the alarm. Trade dummy real humanitarian aid hinders humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Officials create problems to the real benefactors, diverting attention from traders and smugglers. We stand with an outstretched hand, waiting for the next tranches, while Western donors refuse to deliver charity goods to needy Ukrainians in such conditions …
On the challenges posed by volunteers, and pseudo-humanitarian aid we are talking to Suhorukova Oksana and Valentina Varava.

Valentyna Varava – project coordinator OO the Initiative E +, member of Council of volunteers at the defense Ministry.

Oksana Sukhorukova, Executive Director of BF “Their”.
– Why your goods pay attention to more than faux-humanitarian aid, Oksana?
There was a situation when we were invited to the Cabinet and offered to create an Association through which to pass all the goods, promising to pay us a good salary, and we refused.
Now volunteers are harder to help the army than 2 years ago, Valentine?
Yes. We deal with goods that need a military. It’s a jeep with a long base, which are used to evacuate the wounded (over 2.5 years of the Ministry of defense did not purchase any vehicle for medical evacuation). We also do madhrasa, equipment and medical supplies for hospitals in the ATO zone (and not only). When it was necessary to explain why we need pickups, my Danish friends learned the word “Tachanka” …
In November 2015, we FIRST cleared medical Machines for ATO (earlier products, which were intended for military units, took place without the customs procedures, their record, the border guards and the SBU). Thus was created the algorithm. And since the customs service and Mnsi experienced this for the first time, had problems, but then there were absolutely other problems. In Mnsi came what is called the left-wing people. Without providing credentials (documents stating who they are and what they are) suddenly become to stop volunteer help. This situation has arisen after 26 January 2016 at us with Oksana Sukhorukova invited to a meeting in the Cabinet before the Cabinet of the Commissioner anti-corruption policy Vera Alexandrovna Shransky.
There was an amazing collection. We were asked to create a body that brings together volunteers with an impeccable reputation through this body to direct the flow of humanitarian assistance and to be for salaries. But I suspect that this strange meeting experience with humanitarian supplies (and reputation) had just us. There were people who decided with the government to solve their problems blindly. Because we do not understand who is behind this and since it created unequal conditions for other organizations, we refused … In fact – a private club was going to create knowledgeable people. Then in February, almost immediately, went MNAC representatives Shransky and started to stop our goods, expecting that we will start with them to “negotiate”.
And what were the consequences?
– We collected documents in the course of Saturday and Sunday, confirming the purpose of our cars and their transmission to the address and our cars began to take place. With difficulty, but to be … says Varava.
The Oksana Sukhorukova.
They began to block the car Off. And he began to do the man that came in under the guise of representative Shransky in a working group under the Ministry of social policy. Moreover, it was not in the order creating the working group, but it had influence on the decisions of the working group members, and it clearly extends a Russian trace. Then we the public Council under the Ministry of social policy was included in the monitoring group to monitor the performance of the company. At the first meeting of me – says Sukhorukov, – have begun to frighten those that put Currencies (this was around the 17th Feb TS.g. about …).
– Jailed for what?
And for something. Said that Barabbas had already instituted criminal proceedings on the facts that the Wali of the machine is not put on the balance in the military units. I said that the Wali is an act of transfer and acceptance and the next is the responsibility of the head part. And I began to threaten the representative Shransky.
Is man to say that he has Russian roots? You can call it?
His name is Vadim Petrov. His tuning business in Russia. There is a LINK from 2012, where he acts as a young businessman. And says that he’s 53 service center, and only 2 of them are in Ukraine, and he sees here, in Ukraine, huge benefits, and the main business outside …

And this Petrov threatened you?

Yes. Me and Vale.The conversation takes Varava.

– I said that soon will come to me, SBU, and when you come, don’t be aggressive …

Sukhorukov: – And he told me that every room in Kiev is any, which I point fingers – will I have if I go on their terms. “I’ll call Klitschko, or his Deputy, and you all will be.” Offered the roof of law enforcement agencies, was asked to head the Association, which we must create.

With a decent wage at the expense of the commercial entities who want to see change in Ukraine (it was said). But was sent.- You did not believe in the possibility of change with these people? Laughs Sukhorukova:

– Can you talk about the transparency and openness of the structure – with the protection of power structures, with clear terms of entry and exit, with threats of: a step to the side and will you sit? I think it has nothing to do with the welfare of the Ukrainian people and the changes that awaits.

But did you know about the smuggling, through participation in the monitoring group?

– We learned that the bulk of the cargo settles in the border regions of Ukraine and in the West , And if we believe that we have per person in the country imported 1.8 kg. of clothes for everyone, including infants, Volyn oblast, which occupies the 20th place for the population in Ukraine, has 2nd place for recognized humanitarian aid. Although no disasters cannot stand to be there for every resident of Volyn region, accounting for 8 kg of humanitarian cargo.

-What happened after your failure to earn together with the officials and after the threats?

– The circus. Began to block and valine machines, and medical aid to the ATO zone, and help children with cancer – all volunteer and all this humanitarian cargo. At that time, as the “leftist” quietly passed …

Varava: – the Next step was the appointment of outside competition for the position of head of sector for anti-corruption in the Ministry of Alexander Vitalyevich Privalov. Interview for this post held personally Shransky and Petrov, who is not an employee of devices Shransky, Secretariat of the Cabinet, the Cabinet and Mnsi. Even left some people decide who to fight corruption in the Ministry. We made noise, made on several TV channels, has made public a photo of him, and Petrov went. But here is his thesis: “On your cars (those that we supply to Ukraine for” atasco “) looting of banks, rape women”. And yet, we “help the separatists” .

Babies crucify you too?

– Help the illegal armed gangs. And all this was not said on the sidelines and directly into the working group in Mnsi. But the System does not give up: after elevated noise Petrov still disappeared, and his place was taken by Privalov. The reason for the denial of humanitarian cargo was improperly completed reporting form for humanitarian aid, although as such approved form is still there, as well as the procedure for its filling – in nature. By the way, why? He was not able to develop the Ministry of social policy, although the law provides that such reporting was to be developed it Miniport.And then the trolling of volunteering included Mr. Andrew Rewa (Minister of social policy) with a wonderful Assam.23.08.16 at the Cabinet meeting Reva, in response to the question about problems of humanitarian aid supplied to the ATO, said that of the 152 imported cars … 1/5 for the balance not delivered. Although based on the official response of the Central car control in humanitarian aid for this period was delivered to a total of 79 cars, and 6 of them were not on the balance sheet. Moreover, the two crossed the borders of Ukraine (they planned to deliver, but they broke down on the road), and the FATE of 4 unknown. And anyway it’s not our business: we have given the military and then not interfere in the Affairs of the APU. Know, basically, where we go, we put to the ATO of the car, but documentation is the responsibility of the common commander.And here the question arises: what purpose Reva recaptured the conversation away and why lie.? Why focus has shifted from tens of thousands of tons of pseudo-humanitarian aid aside, why has shifted the focus from the real problems on volunteers? So was the start of the persecution … Maybe to solve all this ugliness under the name of the working group on humanitarian Affairs the Ministry of social policy is one Victor, ivancevic – last chief of staff of the Ministry, Deputy Minister, and today – new Secretary of state with only 9.9 points out of 20 in the competition, says Varava. Question Sukhorukova:

– You also took part in the competition for the Ministry UNDER Secretary, Oksana. And not passed. Was corruption in the competition?

– Hard to say – I’m up to the 3rd round did not make it … But I want to note that mission 1 s tour, I scored 95% (there are mainly questions for knowledge of the law), 2nd round it was a situational task which assesses the ability to make decisions – and my aptitude was evaluated low. The tasks were constructed so they do not know the structure of public administration and has work experience in the Ministry will not cope with the task. Example: “If you think political initiative of the Minister carries risks – your actions?”. I don’t understand what a political initiative of the Minister and what position to take this approach. But if you consider that ivancevich took 3 points out of 4 candidates for round 3, the basic points he get on the interview … Coincidence? I don’t think. In 11 cases out of 15, won competitions and became us Secretary of state heads of unit or Deputy Ministers.I figure, if we’re good – then why invest in this reform? We, it turns out, and so the right people in the right places, we’re all fine … All secretaries of state were old people.

– Do I understand correctly that the new Secretary of state Mnsi Victor ivankevich (the same, by the way, who in 2014, called immigrants huckster, and this became famous) roof kind-humanitarian aid

He is the Chairman of the working group the Ministry and all about humanitarian aid passes through it? The Ministry says that it is useless and contraband can not affect, but from the latest registers of criminal proceedings, we see that … Sukhorukov reads, looking at the tablet, “officials Miniport for a preliminary conspiracy with the officials of the legal entity, the Charitable organization “Christian humanitarian Mission” Unity 1 “(enterprise code 35642417), intentionally, with the purpose of wrongfully obtained benefits BECAUSE varistors contrary to the interests of the service his official position, By Entering false information in official documents that are grounds of Recognition of the cargo with humanitarian aid and the adoption of the relevant decision (order), relative to purchasers with actual Receipt of goods in particular, purchasers RG “Christian Reformed Church” to illegally carry out benefits when Rozman than entail serious Consequences to legally protected State interests in the amount of about 600 000 UAH “. … There is such information. Therefore, the Ministry of social policy in vain pretends that they are not involved … you can see that we are talking about criminal proizvodstva.- Halts this is solved?

No, his role is to create a situation where people need to go and negotiate. And decided we have another – you already have information about it, but I’m checking it out. Halts leads the sector of combating corruption and was appointed Chairman of the sector through a loophole in the law. Hired for the position, which requires competition, and then transferred to the post of the head of the sector of combating corruption in the Ministry sipark.- It is true that some charities that handle commercial cargo under the guise of humanitarian aid, for 20-40 THOUSAND get. dollars per container

-There are such offers. Humanitarian organizations get their … Our Foundation has offered 20% of the value of goods and money to help traders to get into the unified register of humanitarian organizations.

And there is one?

– There. If the right to submit documents, unjustified refusal to recognize the humanitarian organizations will not. But I admit that someone could agree to work under these conditions. Options (tricks) a lot. Or to clear you, pass them, and they to you – 20%. Or the second option was the proposal to affect the working groups and to stretch someone’s goods … But I send 3 letters asking about the “cost of services” .

– And who in the end stands On top smuggled in Mnsi of the pyramid? The Minister, or perhaps Mr Rozenko (author of the repressive policy towards HPV, the hero of our publications) – given the activities of the Secretariat of the Cabinet, I think that someone from the Cabinet – said Sukhorukov. – Shransky was authorized by the Cabinet, in the government anti-corruption policy, she came to the place actually Tanya Chornovil. 23:08 Groisman abolished the position. However, Shransky did not disappear – we see it in the Cabinet permanently. And I think that someone from the Cabinet roof of the smuggling that goes under the guise of humanitarian aid. Behind this and the people’s representatives, but who exactly – while I can’t say.Interviewed by Tatiana Zarowna, “ORD”

The information was taken from: https://ord-ua.com/2016/12/13/kto-kryishuet-kontrabas-v-minsotse-i-ustraivaet-volonteram-travlyu/