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Yuri Borisov, the immortal Taras Kozak and Basil Pisnya?

ACTING Deputy head of Lviv customs office Yuri Borisov caught on a bribe. To sheer detail in the amount of 5 thousand dollars. This is a natural result of Borisov. But the question arises, and who, in spite of the necessity of lustration were set to this position? Taras Kozak? Or remotely Igor Kaletnik?
“Today, the 19th of January, during Receiving a bribe was shopline Yuri Borisov, temporarily wanouchi as Deputy head of the Lviv customs DFS.
The official was Detained upon receipt before 5 thousand dollars.
Svetlana Dobrovolsky, a press-the Secretary of the Department of the National police in the Lviv region confirmed this fact and added that the detention conducted by the Department for the protection of economy of the NP in the Lviv region in cooperation with the military Prosecutor of the Western region.
The details of the operation militiamen promise powdah later.
As you know, Yuri Borisov is one of the people and the former first Deputy of the Ministry of revenues Stepan Derivolkov and former Chairman of the state fiscal service Igor Kaletnik. ”

“The best lustrator in the system of the Customs AUTHORITIES was the chief of Lviv customs DFS master Gorons. Lustration for him is that Viktor Zhuk and Yury Borisov wear him money and HE tells them that NO nach write applications on dismissal, go on sick leave or vacation, I don’t lustrous. ”
“Yuri Borisov in customs work Supervisor in the area is 48.”
“There is a question of morality, or right or left hand on the Lviv customs Kaletnik, Yuri Borisov was in today’s conditions on the post? When Kaletnik convicted by society, and approximate for large posts. Personally I do NOT care to be briskly to steal or negledt or exercise. HE and Papazoglou Pudrik kharcheko Derivolkov Berezovsky, that is, people who Were Given the right to call directly to Kaletnik, not morally have the right to the society occupy Any posts, irrespective of how they will Perform their duties. ”

However, despite all this Yuri Borisov was safely returned to “the scheme” in good faith provided continuity in the cash river that flows to the bosses of DFS, well, not to forget yourself. And yet, who returned it to the post? The owner of the shadow Lviv customs Taras Kozak? Or shadow the curator of the SBU Vasily Pisny? After all for anybody not a secret that the SBU Pisnya is engaged exclusively in the provision of illicit flows on the Western borders, well, not technically, automobile smuggling in the interests of its curator – Yuri Artyukhova.
Interestingly, however, would be the arrest Borisov isolated phenomenon or is it going to take for the whole “Lviv Bush”? And the Bush, it should be noted, is highly branched. Recall a little about it.

The information was taken from: https://ord-ua.com/2017/01/19/yurij-borisov-bessmertnyj-taras-kozak-i-vasilij-pisnyj/