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After the sentence Markivu Yarosh urged to seize the citizens of Italy in Ukraine

The ex-leader of the “Right Sector”, Dmitry Yarosh (now he is number three in the election on the list of the Freedom party), called on to seize the Italians who come to Ukraine.

He posted the corresponding post on Facebook.

With a proposal to “pack” the citizens of Italy, the nationalist responded to the decision of the Italian court to sentence to 24 years imprisonment of atoshnik Vitaly Markiv.

“I appeal to Ukrainian law enforcement and patriotic entrepreneurs. In connection with the decision of the Italian“ independent ”court in the so-called“ Vitaliy Markiv case ”, I propose to conduct a special operation. Let’s“ pack ”about a dozen Italians who come to us from time to time. they are accused of participating in illegal armed groups of the DPR / LPR and killing peaceful Ukrainian citizens during 2014-2019 and will be judged for a long time. And then our “most objective” court will give them a life sentence, “wrote Yarosh .

The radical proposed the same scheme to apply to the citizens of Russia.

In addition, Yarosh said about the corruption of the Italian and Ukrainian courts.

“… Our Ukrainian courts are just as corrupt as their Italian ones. And without large financial injections, they” do not work that way. “That is why the participation of those patriots who have money is needed,” the nationalist explained the choice of addressees of his appeal.

Then Yarosh noted that Ukrainian diplomats in the Markiv case must act more decisively.

“But seriously, Ukrainian diplomacy must act more decisively – both on the Eastern and Western fronts,” the radical said.

Information taken from: https://strana.ua/news/211191-jarosh-prizval-predprinimatelej-pakovat-i-sudit-italjantsev.html